Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications

Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications

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Table of Contents

By R.H. Thring

The continued development of fuel cells for vehicles is imperative due to concern about climate change and the impact of exhaust emissions, as well as concern for the security of our energy supply.

This book includes chapters by experts in the field and draws on both academic and industry-related research.

Topics include:

The Fuel cell vehicle system; Fuel cell types: alkaline, SOFC, DMFC, and PEM fuel cells; Fuel Sources: such as hydrogen from reformation and renewable sources; Fuel cell storage; Fuel cell modeling; Materials issues; Simulation of the fuel cell vehicle.

This volume will be welcomed by both designers and manufacturers of fuel cell systems and components, as well as vehicle manufacturers and anyone with interest in the viability of this developing technology.

  • Publisher: ASME
  • Publish Date: 2004
  • Pages: 192
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0791802124

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Table of Contents

Introduction – Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications R.H. Thring Overview Technology Advances for Fuel Cell Vehicle Systems M. Sadler Fuel Cell Types The Alkaline Fuel Cell in Mobile Applications G. Sauer and O. Carlisle Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications N.P. Brandon DMFC Stacks and Systems in the kW Range H. Dohle and J. Mergel Fuel Sources An Introduction to Fuel Processing and Some Advances in Fuel Processor Catalysts P. Gray and C. Jaffray Hydrogen from Renewable Energy Sources D. Infield Fuel Storage on Board Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Nanostructures R.A. Shatwell Modelling Modelling of PEM Fuel Cells R.F. Mann, J.C. Amphlett, M.W. Fowler, B.A. Peppley, and C.P. Thurgood Issues Associated with Material Characteristics in PEM Fuel Cells M.W. Fowler, R.F. Mann, J.C. Amphlett, S. Kundu, I. Wheeldon, and B.A. Peppley Fuel Cell Vehicle Simulation ‘FCVSim’ – A New Tool K.H. Hauer and R.M. Moore Index
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