Energy Special Report: June 2019

Mechanical Engineering magazine Special Reports are a multimedia series designed to provide impactful market intelligence for today’s strategic decision makers and technology leaders.

Each Special Report is a deep dive into one of the key technology issues in today’s emerging industries, backed up with both data and industry experience.


Blockchain and Energy

White Paper

In this white paper, find out how engineers at utilities and grid administration companies are developing blockchain-based solutions for managing distributed generation. Also learn how blockchain makes it easier for energy consumers to double as producers.


Video: Developing Blockchain for the Energy Sector

In this video series, learn how blockchain may transform the electric grid and enable the development of a new, smart grid. Its potential to swiftly process thousands of transactions per second, buying and selling even minute amounts of energy or certify delivery as truly renewable energy, is only beginning to be tapped. 


Cover Story: Blockchain Enables New Power Market

An encrypted electronic ledger may help microproducers and individual consumers buy and sell small quantities of renewable energy.


Renewable Energy Experts Shine Light on Solar Farms and Grids


Frank Bergh, the former vice president of grid engineering at Sigora International and current CEO of Beyond the Grid, a renewable energy consulting company, and Alison Kling, a project specialist at Con Edison discuss current and future states of renewable energy sources.


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