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ASME BPV Code, Section IX, Welding Overview and Procedures Combo Course (Virtual Classroom)

Gain a comprehensive understanding of welding terminology, materials science, processes, and meet the requirements of ASME BPV Code Section IX.

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ASME BPV Code, Section IX, Welding Overview and Procedures Combo Course (Virtual Classroom)
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The combo includes two courses: one is scheduled over 8 half-days and the other is scheduled over 4 full days. Find detailed dates and information on the individual course product pages.

Holistic welding awareness is one of the most critical skills for all engineering professionals working with metals. Welding design, procedures, and qualification play a critical role in maintaining public safety and technological advancement. Unfortunately, however, welding design specifications and procedures are not often covered in undergraduate programs, yet practicing engineers are expected to design welds, develop and review welding procedures, specify examination processes, and adhere to BPVC Section IX. This leads to a critical gap in the engineering workplace: the welders feel management has limited knowledge of welding concepts and those new to managing and designing welding admit they’re ill prepared to take on those responsibilities.
Together, the two courses in this official ASME learning path provide a comprehensive overview of critical welding terminology, materials science, processes, and the essentials for meeting the requirements of ASME BPV Code, Section IX: Welding, Brazing & Fusing Qualifications.
Course 1: Practical Welding Technology
This course introduces participants to the subject of welding technology, including ASME, API, and AWS welding codes and standards, NDE symbols, carbon equivalence, A-numbers, strength of welds, joint details, welding procedures, selection of filler metals, and preheat.

  • Course Schedule:  This course is offered over eight-day sessions, commencing at 9:30 AM and ending at 1:30 PM Eastern, each day, with breaks scheduled throughout. 

Course 2: ASME BPV Code, Section IX: Welding, Brazing, & Fusing Qualifications
This fundamental course trains participants to comply with the requirements of ASME BPV Code Section IX, Welding, Brazing and Fusing Qualifications

  • Course Schedule: The course is offered over four-day sessions, from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM and 2:00 PM – 6 PM Eastern each day.  

Who Should Attend?
Managers & supervisors, engineers, production and maintenance staff, quality assurance & control, auditors, inspectors, welders and other technical personnel who work with metals.

This ASME Virtual Classroom course is held live with an instructor on our online learning platform.  Certificate of completion will be issued to registrants who successfully attend and complete the course.

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Albert J. Moore Jr. is a principle of Marion Testing & Inspection which has provided welding and NDT consulting services and third party inspections since 1989. His qualifications include certifications as an AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector with five endorsements, he is a NOCTI certified welding instructor, and he currently holds ASNT ACCP Professional NDT Level III certificates in four NDT test methods; RT, UT, MT, and PT. He has earned an AS in Civil Technology (steel design), a BS in Applied Science and Technology (Welding Technology), a MBA, as well as a Certificate of Professional Development from the Department of Welding Engineering of Ohio State University. As a welder with over forty years under the welding helmet, Al has been certified for the SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and SAW processes on aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium. Albert is an adjunct instructor for the American Welding Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is a member of the AWS Certification Committee and the AWS Committee for Methods of Inspection as well as several certification subcommittees and the subcommittees responsible for the Guide to Visual Inspection of Welds and the Welding Inspection Handbook. 

Al is a contributing author for Inspection Trends, published quarterly by the AWS. In the 2011 authors competition, AZBEE selected his articles on the subjects of developing welding procedures, qualifying WPSs, qualifying welders, and destructive testing, published by Inspection Trends, for the Silver Award (2nd place), from a field of over 200 competing periodicals.

(Paul) Lynn Sturgill (CWE, B.S., SCWI, ASNT Level III VT), is the owner and operator of Sturgill Welding & Code Consulting (SWCC), a privately-owned welding consulting company.  Lynn has more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing, welding, and inspection of metallic goods in the nuclear, aerospace, structural, petrochemical, military, food and dairy, and biopharmaceutical industries.

Lynn is a degreed engineer, an American Welding Society (AWS) Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI), a 3-A Certified Conformance Evaluator (CCE) and an ASNT Level III Visual Testing (VT) Inspector (#141940).  Areas of expertise include metallurgy and welding of steels and stainless steels.  He has also published articles on electron beam welding, gas-tungsten arc welding, and welder & procedure qualification.  He has developed courses on Section IX of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code and has represented ASME internationally.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and has completed the course work for a master’s degree in Welding Engineering. 

He has trained numerous ASNT Level II and III VT examiners and inspectors for fabricators and pharmaceutical clients, respectively.  He has also taught seminars on metallurgy, welding inspection, stainless steels, high-purity welding, and corrosion.  He is an Adjunct Instructor for the AWS, teaching the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) seminar for fifteen years.  In addition, he has qualified many welders and welding procedures to Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.    

Lynn is an active volunteer on numerous American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and AWS committees.


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