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Managing Others in Times of Change (Virtual Classroom)

Reduce the impact of accelerated change, influence and inspire others and mitigate the common leadership challenges of today’s workplace.

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Managing Others in Times of Change (Virtual Classroom)
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Schedule: This course commences at 9:30 AM and ends at 6 PM with breaks scheduled throughout.

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Are you a Manager or a Leader? Whether you have the title manager or not, you still have the opportunity to inspire, influence and lead by example.  Understanding the challenges facing today’s engineering professionals is the key to leading them in the ever-changing working environment.  Managing expectations and setting ground rules can help to remove the obstacles that face remote and on-site workers alike. Leveraging technology and establishing best practices makes for a more productive and successful team. 
This course offers an immersive approach that develops in-demand professional skills to advance engineering professionals’ careers—and improve output on projects and deliverables. This is an interactive class where learners are immersed in authentic real-world projects, collaborate with peers, and utilize engineering-specific case studies and applications. Learners will get to know their classmates and work through projects based on various engineering disciplines and develop a digital portfolio showcasing newly enhanced skills.
By participating in this course, you (or your team) will learn how to successfully:

  • Leverage ways to support, coach, and lead your on-site, remote team and hybrid teams 
  • Train and equip rising professionals with the skills they need to build a strong career as an engineer and overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. 
  • Set up long range programs to lead, and mentor all eager professionals despite their career stage 
  • Assess skill levels and gaps and onboard professionals so they can start producing quickly 

Who should attend?
This course is essential for engineering managers of teams, project managers for engineering projects and aspiring managers.  Whether you are a seasoned engineering professional, mid-career or new to the workforce, these skills will strengthen your career and the output of your team.
Course Materials (included in purchase of course)

  • Digital course notes via ASME’s Learning Platform
  • Downloadable Engineering Specific case studies

 Topics Includes:

  1. Leading On-site, Remote and Hybrid Teams
  2. Bridging Engineer’s Skill Gaps
  3. Help your staff Succeed in Times of Change

This ASME Virtual Classroom course is held live with an instructor on our online learning platform.  Certificate of completion will be issued to registrants who successfully attend and complete the course. 


Coaching and Leading Rising Engineering Professionals 

  • Assess skill levels and gaps and create a plan so rising engineering professionals can start producing quickly 
  • Recruit, nurture, train, and equip them with the skills they need to become great engineers  
  • Create an successful onboarding program to help new employees hit the ground running 
  • Build a strong culture that makes engineering talent want to stay 
  • Tap into an engineer’s motivation to increase engagement and productivity 

Managing Others During Changing Times 

  • Strategies for individuals and leaders to use to ensure success for remote workers 
  • Best practices for communicating technical information even if you can’t touch the product, the equipment, or be near the people 
  • Reveal ideas to best coach, support, and lead remote and hybrid teams 
  • Apply the understanding of the Change Cycle to help manage others in a changing workplace 
  • Discover what team members need from their manager when they are experiencing change 
  • Build a plan with action steps to help team members, clients, and other stakeholders successfully navigate each stage of a change to speed up acceptance and adoption 

Jackie Martin

Training Systems, Inc.

Jackie Martin is a professional trainer, speaker, and business coach with a passion for equipping individuals, teams, and business leaders with the communication, leadership, and change resiliency skills needed in the workplace today.

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Virtual Classroom

Live course with an instructor and peers held in an online learning environment with digital enhancements and online materials.
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