ASME Communities

For over 130 years, ASME has fulfilled its mission to build and serve communities in the field of mechanical engineering – whether through facilitating the development of life-saving boiler code standards or by bringing expertise to light through conferences and journals. Now, as the nature of global connectivity constantly evolves, ASME brings our communities into the digital age. Connect now!

The Community is a social space where you can connect with your colleagues stay up to date on the latest mechanical engineering news, and share your thoughts on industry topics.

With the Community, ASME members and other Participants can engage globally like never before.

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Once you join the Community, you can:

  • Share your professional qualifications with tens of thousands of engineers
  • Communicate with our fellow engineers and make professional connections
  • Post relevant articles, photos, video, and more from your personal Dashboard
  • Join Groups for your areas of interest, where you can participate in discussions in Forums, comment on blog posts, and share news in the Activity Feed


The Community Groups are a great way for Participants to come together and share their views on pressing engineering topics. Share photos and video, post your thoughts, and comment on the Group blog to get involved. Search the Directory to get started with existing Groups. Can't find a Group on your topic of interest? Start a Group yourself to blog, share resources, and connect with peers.


Your Profile makes it easy for other Community Participants to connect with you based on your interests and professional experiences. Plus, it's a great way to increase your online presence and fine-tune your personal brand! Keep yours up to date with a photo, personal description, work history, at-a-glance interest information, certifications, and more! Register now to start building your Profile, and learn more about making the most of your Community space.


As a Participant, you have access to a wealth of engineering peers and colleagues. Increase your online Network to build relationships in the industry and plan for your career. Join the Community to get started, then use the Directory to find Participants from your area of expertise, your region, your university, and more.