Volunteer Opportunities

ASME’s mission – “to advance engineering for the benefit of humanity” – simply could not be accomplished without the dedicated efforts and participation of ASME volunteers from around the globe. But it’s not just the Society and the wider world who benefit: ASME volunteers themselves enjoy unequalled opportunities for professional and personal growth, for building their skills and their networks, as well as to give back to the noble profession we all serve.

ASME’s volunteer opportunities are organized into five sectors:

Member Development & Engagement

The Member Development & Engagement Sector ensures governance for professional sections, student sections and for member development. It works with our professional sections and student sections to help them engage with their local communities and offer rich and meaningful experiences for ASME members.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities in ASME’s many sections, please visit https://sections.asme.org/volunteer.

Public Affairs & Outreach

The Public Affairs and Outreach (PAO) Sector oversees the Society’s coordinated outreach to industry, government, educational institutions, and the public at large. PAO’s mission is to expand global awareness, knowledge, and application of engineering and technology through education, outreach, and advocacy in these areas. The PAO Sector is composed of several important committees: ASME’s Committee on Engineering Education, Committee on Government Relations, Engineering for Global Development Committee, and Pre-College (K-12 STEM) Education Committee. Additionally, ASME’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Committee and Industry Advisory Board report directly to the Board of Governors, but operate as member units of PAO.

To learn more about the Public Affairs and Outreach Sector, please visit its webpage at https://www.asme.org/about-asme/governance/asme-sectors/public-affairs-outreach; or contact Aaron Weinerman at weinermana@asme.org.

Standards & Certification

The Standards & Certification (S&C) Sector is responsible for all activities of the Society related to Standards & Certification, to our Conformity Assessment programs, as well as to new code identification and development. It also serves as a neutral convener for standards development at the international level.

To learn more about the range of volunteer opportunities available to you in the Standards & Certification Sector, please refer to the Call for Participants page at: https://www.asme.org/codes-standards/asme-code-committee/get-involved/call-for-participants

Student & Early Career Development

ASME’s Student & Early Career Development Sector (SECD) works to serve engineering students at all levels from undergraduate through graduate students, as well as young professionals. The SECD Sector delivers on this mission through a host of programs designed to help students and early career engineers engage with their chosen profession and with one another - programs designed to engage, excite, and empower that rising new generation. The SECD Sector is composed of the Student Programming Committee, the Early Career Engineer Programming Committee, and the ASME E-Fests® (Engineering Festivals) Steering Committee.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities within the Student & Early Career Development Sector, email secd@asme.org or complete our Volunteer Opportunity Form.

Technical & Engineering Communities

The Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Sector oversees technical divisions to engage the extraordinary talents of our members’ expertise for the advancement of engineering. ASME membership represents a uniquely powerful resource for planning, developing and delivering technical content for conference and events. Through these efforts, members grow and develop personally and professionally.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities in ASME’s technical divisions, please reach out to asmetec@asme.org.

In addition to the five sectors, there are also opportunities to volunteer with ASME's programs and other units:

ASME Scholarship Committee

The ASME Scholarship Committee is responsible for the annual selection process and engagement of ASME Scholarships Recipients awarded on behalf of the ASME Foundation and other benefactors. ASME Scholarships help high-achieving engineering students in financial need each year. There is an opportunity to volunteer on the committee to help impact the next generation of engineers and workforce by getting involved in the overall program development and advocacy to support engineering education. To learn more about the available opportunities, please visit the Community Engagement Center  and browse by Committee Volunteer for complete details and to apply.

Additional Information on our governance and other programs can be found on these pages:

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