Summer Heat Transfer Conference

Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Bellevue, Washington

July 9 - 12, 2017

Speaker- Plenary Speaker 


Aldo Steinfeld

Aldo Steinfeld
Dept. of Mechanical and Process Engineering
ETH Zurich

High-Temperature Thermocline Energy Storage

The engineering design, prototype testing, numerical modelling, and scale-up of a thermocline thermal energy storage (TES) are presented for applications in the range 500–1500°C. The simple and robust TES concept uses a packed bed of rocks or ceramics as storing material and air as the heat transfer fluid. The outflow temperature during discharging is stabilized by combining sensible and latent heat storage, as experimentally shown with steel-encapsulated metal alloys. Two pilot demonstrations were carried out for a concentrated solar power plant and for an adiabatic compressed air energy system, yielding charging-discharging energy efficiencies of over 90%. For an industrial-scale TES, the estimated costs do not exceed $15/kWhth. Other potential applications of this technology include the 24/7 operation of solar-driven thermochemical processes, e.g. production of fuels and processing of minerals, requiring the storage of heat at above 1000°C.

Aldo Steinfeld (PhD University of Minnesota, 1989) is Professor at the Dept. of Mechanical and Process Engineering of ETH Zurich, where he holds the Chair of Renewable Energy Carriers. His research comprises high-temperature heat/mass transfer phenomena and multi-phase reacting flows. From 1995–2014, he directed the Solar Technology Laboratory at the Paul Scherrer Institute. At ETH Zurich, he served as the Head of the Institute of Energy Technology from 2005–2007 and Associate Head of the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering from 2007–2009. His contributions to science and education have been recognized with the ASME Rice Award (2006), the Yellott Award (2008), the ERC Advanced Grant (2012), the ISES Farrington Daniels Award (2013), the Heat Transfer Memorial Award (2013), and the ASME Kreith Energy Award (2016). Prof. Steinfeld is ASME Fellow and member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences and of the International Solar Energy Society’s Board of Directors.