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Turbo Expo Workshops

Sunday, June 25, 2017

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm - From Engineer to Manager: A Roadmap for a Successful Transition

Cost:  $200 person

This workshop is for ALL engineers and students who may at some point in their careers assume a management role or consider a career move from technical professional into management.

Most engineers will at some point in their careers assume a management role (e.g., as a project manager or team leader) or consider a move into a full-time management position. The change in role is usually quick to occur but in few cases has there been any preparation to assist in a smooth transition. As a result most engineers are not aware of what being a new manager is all about before its thrust upon them. Would you be ready for the change? What should you really expect? What are the critical things you need to know as a new manager?

The workshop will be a practical look at some of the key elements in preparing for a successful transition from technical professional to manager. As opposed to being a "How to Manage" session, the speaker will relate lessons he has learned as he crossed over into management and assumed increasingly responsible management positions. He will share lessons from his personal experiences that have enhanced his effectiveness and the "little things" that can assist the attendee in becoming an effective manager – be it as a project manager, team leader or as a full-time manager in a supervisory position. If you are an engineer about to assume a managerial role, an engineer who may be contemplating a move into management or even if you are a new manager who is now experiencing some managerial growing pains, this session is for you. And for the student engineer or early career professional, it's never too early to consider the requirements and steps to be taken in preparing for future management roles and positions.

Presenter: John T. Bozewicz, Division Head, Naval Surface Warfare Center