Manufacturing Science
and Engineering Conference

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

June 4 - 8, 2017 

Program Workshop


Gamechanging Ideas For Cost-Effective Low-Volume Manufacturing Workshop

June 5, 2017
2:00pm - 5:15 pm

124 Seeley G. Mudd Building

You are invited to participate in the ASME-MSEC Workshop on Gamechanging Ideas for Cost-Effective Low-Volume Manufacturing at the ASME-MSEC Conference. Together we will explore opportunities and challenges for manufacturing products in volumes too high to “print” or “machine” one at a time, yet too low to justify tooling investment. Low-volume manufacturing of innovative and specialized products at economical pricing is needed in nearly every industry, yet mature manufacturing technologies capable of economically producing such products are limited. The purpose of this interactive workshop is to listen to experts, share ideas and build partnerships to broaden technical capabilities and access to low-volume manufacturing. Examples of potential technologies to explore include but are not limited to:

  • Technology for reconfigurable dies and molds (zero tooling cost)
  • Technology to substantially lower die and mold production cost
  • Technology to enable fully automated setup of manufacturing equipment or production lines
  • Reconfigurable manufacturing equipment (e.g., LEGO-like building blocks)
  • Novel molding, casting, or forming technologies that excel at small-lot quantities
  • Low cost and scalable manufacturing technology for emerging areas (e.g. nano-manufacturing)

Workshop outcomes will be used to promote new public-private initiatives to mature promising ideas for cost-effective low-volume manufacturing.

This workshop is sponsored by MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight


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ASME Workshop On Advanced Monitoring, Diagnostic, And Prognostic Technologies

*The workshop will be held over two days:

June 8, 20171:00pm – 6:00pm – The Radisson at USC
June 9, 20178:00am – 2:30pm – The Radisson at USC

Please join us for this workshop immediately following the ASME Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC). The purpose of this workshop is to bring together key subject matter experts to identify manufacturing needs and wants with respect to advanced monitoring, diagnostic, and prognostic technologies (collectively known as prognostics and health management (PHM)), along with ways of verifying and validating their performance to enhance maintenance and control strategies within manufacturing operations at the factory‚Äźfloor.

For more information please contact Donnie Alonzo.