IoT Connect

Internet of Things Intelligent Hardware Conference

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Thank you to all of our 2016 speakers, sponsors and attendees for making this year’s conference a success!


Intelligent Hardware for a connected world.

The world is constantly more interconnected through the power of the internet. The term Internet of Things (IoT), represents a world of intelligent devices that have the ability to autonomously respond to the dynamic environments in which they operate.

To fully recognize the potential of the IoT revolution, software must complement hardware seamlessly to reach the desired outcome. Hardware designs must be rethought and optimized for IoT applications. Design Engineers will play a pivotal role in this process.

Unlike other events which focus on the cloud, software, and associated IT infrastructure, ASME’s IoT Connect: Intelligent Hardware Conference brings together Manufacturers, Communications Specialists and Business Leaders to explore IoT hardware from the component to the system level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the leaders of connected hardware design!

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