Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems

Hilton San Francisco Financial District, San Francisco, CA

Aug 28 - Aug 30, 2018
Aug 29 - Aug 30, 2018



  • Tribology, Head/Media Interface: Contact mechanics, lubrication, friction, wear, contamination, corrosion, thin films, heat-assisted magnetic recording, patterned media recording, magnetic recording
  • Actuator/Suspension and Sensors: Designs and analyses of actuators and novel sensor technologies
  • Servo Control Technology: System dynamics and designs of modern, high precision servo control systems
  • Shock and Flow Induced Vibrations: Air-flow system, flow-structure interactions, shock and vibrations
  • Spindle Motor and Acoustics: Tribology, vibrations, dynamics, and acoustics of disk/media-spindle systems
  • Micro/Nano Technology: Novel design concepts and applications, patterned media, materials
  • Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation: System designs for intelligent machines; mechatronics involving robots and automation
  • Imaging/printing Technologies and Consumer Electronics: Digital cameras, camcorders, thermal/laser printing, energy harvesting, “green and smart” house technology, ecosystems and other novel technologies and applications
  • Optical Storage and Future Technologies: Design and analysis of integrated opto-mechatronics and storage systems and media
  • Flexible Media Mechanics and Tape Storage: Mechanics and system design of tape drives, lateral tape motion, tape tension, wear, dynamics of high speed flexible tape, web motion, sheet metal, paper systems
  • Storage System and Future Technologies: Data Center, Cloud Computing, and other future storage device/system related technologies.

Paper Submission:
Authors should submit a tentative title/abstract to begin the paper submission process. Authors should then submit full-length manuscripts for peer review. Draft manuscripts and final-paper submissions must conform to ASME publication guidelines.

Social Program:
Complementing this year’s technical program will be a robust social program including a reception, and networking opportunities. Select meals will also be provided.

Once Abstracts acceptance is complete the Program widget will be added and this will pull information from the Conference Toolbox. This would include; tracks, sessions, committee meetings, tours, lunch, dinners, receptions, etc.