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November 9-15, 2018
November 11-14, 2018

Awards - President’s Luncheon


Monday, November 12, 2018

Sean F. Wu, Ph.D.

Sean F. Wu, Ph.D., Fellow
Wayne State University
Per Bruel Gold Medal For Noise Control and Acoustics

For significant contributions to applications of acoustical theory to noise control; for the development of computational methods to predict sound radiation from finite flexible structures; and for outstanding educational mentorship in noise control and acoustics.

Daniel T. Peters

Daniel T. Peters, Fellow
Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
J. Hall Taylor Medal

For outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of ASME codes and standards for pressure equipment; and for efforts to enhance public safety and component reliability through dedicated service on the Society’s pressure vessel and piping committees.

Edward F. Obert Award

For the paper titled "Combination of Elementary Processes to Form a General Energy System Configuration”.

Andrea Toffolo, Ph.D.

Andrea Toffolo, Ph.D.
LuleƄ University of Technology

Andrea Lazzaretto

Andrea Lazzaretto, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Padova

Sergio Rech, Ph.D.

Sergio Rech, Ph.D.
University of Padova



Ashwani K. Gupta, Ph.D.

Ashwani K. Gupta, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Maryland
Soichiro Honda Medal

For innovative contributions to the fundamental understanding of cycle-by-cycle variation, heat release rate determination and regenerative operation of internal combustion engines, which have helped to develop smoother operation at increased efficiency and performance; and for sustained educational efforts that have produced a talented workforce.

William Martin Worek, Ph.D.

William Martin Worek, Ph.D., Fellow
Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Frank Kreith Energy Award

For seminal contributions to second law and exergy analyses; and for leaving a lasting legacy through service as director of the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Raj M. Manglik, Ph.D.

Raj M. Manglik, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Cincinnati
James Harry Potter Gold Medal

For groundbreaking contributions to the integration of thermodynamic principles in thermal engineering education; and for advancing fundamental thermodynamics through seminal research on heat and mass transfer in natural and industrial systems.

Todd R. Allen, Member

Todd R. Allen, Member
Allen Research Tech-Services, Inc.
Henry Laurence Gantt Medal

For distinguished management and service achievements through countless roles including prior chair of ASME's Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Committee and Public Affairs and Outreach Council; and for ongoing Volunteer Orientation Leadership and Training Academy efforts that contribute to successful workshops and other endeavors.s

Awatef A. Hamed, Ph.D.

Awatef A. Hamed, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Cincinnati
Kate Gleason Award

For a lifetime of research contributions in gas turbine engines and air breathing propulsion; and for outstanding leadership in engineering education and industry/university collaboration.

Stephen P. Engelstad

Stephen P. Engelstad, Ph.D., Member
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Spirit of St. Louis Medal

For outstanding contributions as an aerospace industry leader in research and development and U.S. Department of Defense applications of new computational mechanics and composites structural/certification technologies.

Jaikrishnan R. Kadambi

Jaikrishnan R. Kadambi, Ph.D., Fellow
Case Western Reserve University
Henry R. Worthington Medal

For extensive educational and research contributions to the design and development of reliable and efficient pumping technologies over the last 20 years, particularly slurry pumps for the fossil fuel and mining industry; and blood compatible pumps as temporary substitutes for the human heart with relatively less shear stresses inflicted on the blood until a donor heart is obtained, as well as bladeless blood pumps for use during heart surgery.

Martin Ostoja-Starzewski

Martin Ostoja-Starzewski, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Worcester Reed Warner Medal

For the book titled “Microstructural Randomness and Scaling in Mechanics of Materials,” which serves as a teaching aid as well as a source of primary research and original scholarship.

Robert M. Wagner, Ph.D

Robert M. Wagner, Ph.D., Fellow
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
McDonald Mentoring Award

For distinctive service to ASME and the engineering community through strong leadership; for dedicated mentoring of students and engineering professionals; and for the development of multidisciplinary academic and research programs to better address modern engineering challenges.