international conference on nanochannels, microchannels,
and minichannels

hyatt regency cambridge, cambridge, ma

august 27-30, 2017

Call for Papers


The conference is intended to provide a platform for researchers to exchange information and identify research needs in this emerging area encompassing many engineering, basic sciences, and bio-medical disciplines. Both fundamental aspects including transport studies at the nano, micro, and mini scales as well as practical applications including thermal management, energy conversion, lab on a chip, and biomedical devices will be covered.

The ICNMM2017 program includes plenary lectures, technical paper sessions and student posters.

Advanced Fabrication and Manufacturing
Biomedical and Lab-on-a-Chip Applications
Conjugate Micro- and Nano-Scale Heat Transfer
Electrokinetic Flows
Electronics Cooling & Heat Pipes
Energy Applications of Micro- and Nano-scale Devices
Evaporation, Boiling and Condensation
Mixing, Mass Transfer and Chemical Reactions
Modeling and Simulation
Single Phase Gas Flows
Single Phase Liquid Flows
Surface Engineering for Phase Change Heat Transfer
Thin Film, Interfacial Phenomena, and Surface Tension Driven Flows
Transport in Membranes and Nanofluids
Two-Phase Flows