NOTE: This is ICEF 2017
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Internal Combustion Engine Fall Technical Conference

Seattle, Washington

October 15 - 18, 2017
October 16 - 17, 2017


Program - Workshop


CONVERGE Computational Fluid Dynamics
"Enabling Technologies for On-road Heavy Duty Engines using CFD Simulations"

Wednesday, October 18

The hands-on CFD workshop will focus on introducing early career engineers, graduate students and experimentalists to modeling combustion and flow in Heavy Duty Reciprocating Engines using advanced CFD simulation tools. Shawn Givler and Sameera Wijeyakulasuriya, two of Convergent Science's most experienced Applications engineers, will introduce industry engineers, students, and experimentalists to some of CONVERGE CFD's powerful tools for modeling heavy duty engines, including the following topics:

  • Preparing the piston and valves for motion
  • Activating spray, turbulence, wall heat transfer, and detailed chemistry models
  • Selecting appropriate volume mesh strategies
  • Using VOF-spray one-way coupling to incorporate upstream turbulence, cavitation, and aerodynamic effects from the fuel injector
  • Optimizing fuel injection parameters via genetic algorithms to reduce ISFC and NOx emissions
  • Predicting piston metal temperatures via conjugate heat transfer modeling
  • Coupling CONVERGE with GT-POWER to obtain realistic boundary conditions
  • Modeling PAH detailed chemistry to obtain accurate and detailed soot predictions
  • Setting up multiple pulsed injection simulations and dual fuel simulations


Shawn Givler is Sr. Principal Engineer for Convergent Science Inc. (CSI) working in Applications and Support for the past 7 years. In his current role he leads a client support team in providing expert assistance in using CONVERGE for engine applications as well as working with CSI developers in implementing new innovations in areas of GUI features, solver computational speed-up, and mechanism analysis tools. Prior to working for CSI he spent 16 years working for a variety of engine manufacturers including Cummins Engine, Polaris Industries, and Hoerbiger and has extensive simulation and hands-on experience with diesel, 2-stroke/4-stroke gasoline, and stationary industrial natural gas engines.

Dr. Sameera Wijeyakulasuriya is a principal engineer at Convergent Science. He leads one of the application teams supporting IC Engine clients. Dr. Wijeyakulasuriya also manages client training of CONVERGE software in the USA. He has more than 10 years of modelling experience in internal combustion engines. He has authored more than 30 publications on constant volume combustion, shock-flame interaction, detailed chemistry modelling in internal combustion engines, premixed and non-premixed engines with single and multi-fuels.

Cost – $50
Limited to 50 participants