Heat Transfer, Fluids Engineering, & Nanochannels,
Microchannels, and Minichannels Conferences

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

July 10-14, 2016


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Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting
General Conference Chair
Yu-Tai Lee
Naval Surface Warfare Center

General Conference Co-Chair
Javid Bayandor
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels
General Conference Chair
Ali Beskok
Southern Methodist University

General Conference Co-Chair
Evelyn Wang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Summer Heat Transfer Conference
General Conference Chair
Sumanta Acharya
University of Memphis

General Conference Co-Chair
Raj Manglik
University of Cincinnati

ASME Event Manager
Jimmy Le 
Tel: 1.212.591-7116

ASME Program Manager
Norma Johnston
Tel: 1.202.785-7395

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