Old Guard Technical Web Page Competition



This web page design competition is intended to encourage the delivery of visual presentations using web page technology.


  • Technical Sphere of Engineering: The topic is to be related to any engineering theme, provided that it pertains to some technical sphere in which an engineer is or should be involved. District Championships are conducted at local Student Professional Development Conferences (SPDC).
  • ASME International Units: Technical Divisions and Groups, Institutes, and Boards may sponsor and conduct Technical Web Competitions of their own and arrange for “Championships by Topic. Units may specify the Topic for their own competitions - specific to own activities; open-topic technical; or, of any general interest and value to ASME.

Web Page Presentation

The web page is to be prepared so that it can be easily understood in the absence of the author. While construction of the web page is to be an individual effort, ethical practice requires that credit be given for any outside assistance related to the reported project.


How to host a web page competition:

  • The web page must be contained within 100 megabytes (MB) and saved on a Flashdrive (USB). No compression may be utilized.
  • The web page must be operable on an IBM compatible machine; no MAC operating systems will be provided.
  • A tower, laptop, or tablet computer will be provided.
  • Upon opening the Flashdrive, there must be a file entitled “Start Web Page.” There should be links on the “Start Web Page” file that will take the viewer to other files.
  • The web page must operate autonomously without the aid of secondary programs: i.e. FLASH, QUICKTIME, SHOCKWAVE, etc., which must be added on the machine to view the web page. These are prohibited.
  • No self-extracting executable files on the web page.
  • No audio on the web page.
  • Each entry may have only one author. However, ethical policies require credit to be given for any assistance from other students or advisors. The name and affiliation of the author, and acknowledgements, must be in a prominent place on the “Start Web Page file.


  • Microsoft Windows based operating system; not UNIX based.
  • A computer or laptop with a Pentium II or better will be provided.

The web page cannot be accessed through the internet; it must be on a Flashdrive (100 MB limit).


Each competitor must be a Student Member of ASME who:

  • has not received an engineering degree. (Student Members who complete the requirements for their baccalaureate engineering degree, or who actually received that degree at the end of a term, semester, or quarter, a short time before a scheduled SPDC may still participate. These Student Members, however, must not have completed their degree requirements before December 1st of the calendar year prior to the Conference.)
  • has been selected by his/her Student Section to participate.
  • has been certified by the ASME staff as a Student Member in good standing. (To be thus certified, a new Student Member must have filed an application and paid the required dues prior to March 15; the same holds true for a continuing Student Member.)

Competition Entry

The Old Guard Technical Web Page Competitions are held locally at ASME Student Professional Development Conferences. A student who wishes to participate must:

  • visit the Student Professional Development Conferences web site.
  • choose the location of the Spring conference you plan to attend.
  • complete the appropriate entry form for that location.

Entering the Old Guard Technical Webpage Competition does not exclude the author from entering any other Old Guard Competition. Each entry may have only one author printed on the web page. There may be no more than two web page entries from any one Student Section.


Web pages will be judged on content and the ability to portray the technical or specified subject, not on code. To this extent, even “non-code-technical individuals are encouraged to make use of programs such as Microsoft’s Front Page Express or other such programs to design their own entry. In general, judging is similar to the Old Guard Technical Poster Competition. The web pages will be judged by at least three ASME Members. A score sheet is provided in Appendix A.

Judging should follow these basic guidelines:

  • The web page should be prepared so that it is easily understood in the absence of the author.
  • Neither the author nor any other individuals may be present during the judging.
  • Judging criteria are based solely on the content of the web page, not on any coding.
  • Each local competition is to be judged by at least three engineers, preferably ASME members.
  • The conference Host Section is responsible for selecting the judges.


The Old Guard will provide a first place prize of $200 for each SPDC competition.

Adopted by the Old Guard Committee – August 11, 2011