IAM3D Challenge

he ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D (IAM3D) Challenge
is designed to give mechanical and multi-disciplinary undergraduate students around the world an opportunity to re-engineer existing products or create new designs that minimize energy consumption and/or improve energy efficiency. Students will showcase their creativity by demonstrating the value added through their ingenuity, application of sound engineering design principles, and leveraging Additive Manufacturing technology to address a broad spectrum of industrial, manufacturing, and humanitarian challenges.

Top Fifteen (15) finalist students/teams (as chosen by a panel of judges) will be invited to present their designs, business case and prototypes to a panel of judges at the finals at the 2015 ASME International Design and Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering and Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing Conference (IDETC/CIE/AM3D) in August 2-5, Boston, MA, USA.

The students have two alternative approaches to printing their designs. Either they can self-print according to the stated material and submitted design specifications and bring the design to the finals location with them, or have functional prototypes of their designs printed to the stated material and submitted design specifications, and made available to them at the IDTEC/CIE/AM3D in August 2-5, Boston, MA, USA


2014 ASME IAM3D Winners

Best Presentation
Maggie Serra
Stevens Institute of Technology
Faculty Advisor - Dr Robert Chang
Country - USA

Best Overall
Eli Cohen (Team leader), Jean Ruggiero, Aaron Inouye
Purdue University
Faculty Advisor - Dr. John Sullivan
Country - USA

Best Re-engineering /Collaboration
Hargurdeep Singh (Team leader), Radhika Sagar, Narges Balouchestani Asli
Sheridan College, and University of Toronto
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Scott Currie
Country - Canada

Most Innovative
Eric Chapin (Team leader), Tyler Tashner, Brandon Westrick
South Dakota State University
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Todd Letcher
Country - USA

Peoples' Choice
Hargurdeep Singh (Team leader), Radhika Sagar, Narges Balouchestani Asli
Sheridan College, and University of Toronto
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Scott Currie
Country - Canada

Who Can Enter?
Mechanical Engineering/ME and Multidisciplinary/EngineeringTechnology undergraduate students worldwide. Enter as an individual or as part of a team (no more than 3 student team members allowed).Each individual or team is required to have a faculty advisor sign off on their project.

Design Entry Process

  • Registration for the Challenge begins on November 14, 2014 and ends on April 15, 2015, at 12 AM EDT (GMT-5). To compete in the challenge, student/team leader needs to complete the individual entry registration form or the team entry registration form.
  • Student/Team (no more than 3 students per team) will submit the following:
    • Cover sheet
    • A 3 minute or less video created by the team about introduction of the idea, the team, design title and also include the phrase "IAM3D Competition"
    • STL files and source files from any CAD program
    • An image of the current product design and a detailed description of the changes
    • Business case (5 pages or less): justification of the product redesign, value added as measured by reduced (i) time to produce, (ii) cost impact, (iii) sustainability, (iv) energy consumption or renewable energy generation, (v) reduced materials and (vi) promoting green design
  • Judges will choose up to top 15 finalists to assemble their design, showcase their functional prototype, and compete in a 10 minute verbal presentation with additional 5 minutes reserved for Q & A at the 2015 IDETC/CIE Conference in Boston. The finalist/team will receive up to a maximum of $1500 subsidy to cover travel expenses, hotel, and food while at the IDETC/CIE.

Key Dates


Registration Period: November 24, 2014 – April 15, 2015, 12 AM Eastern or GMT-5

Last day to submit project: April 15, 2015 (12:00AM) or GMT-5

Finalists announced: by June 1, 2015

Final round: ASME IDETC/CIE/AM3D Conference August 2-5, 2015

Judging Criteria:
Business case (Context and Relevance)

  • What is the value proposition for the proposed design?
  • Does the proposed design address a real and specific design need?
  • Does the proposed design address a specific challenge or serve a wide base of end users?
  • What impact will the new design have (social, environmental, economic, etc.)?
  • Does the design provide a competitive advantage over existing products or solutions?

Innovation and Creativity

  • Is there any novel approach to the subject or problem that inspired this design?
  • Is the work independent and original? Is there evidence of creativity in both form and function?
  • Does the design leverage the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing?

Efficiency and Feasibility

  • How practical is this design in view of contemporary engineering standards/practices, taking into consideration additive manufacturing?
  • Are factors influencing the design adequately considered (Energy savings, material cost, Manufacturability, assembly, sustainability)?
  • Are the design alternatives evaluated with realistic constraints?

Communication and Presentation

  • Is the project objective clearly identified?
  • Is there sufficient background information provided to introduce the audience to the design?
  • Does the student/team effectively convey the context of his/her design to spectators?
  • Does the student/team engage with spectators with sufficient knowledge, confidence and clarity?
  • Does student/team interaction enhance the presentation of the project? How effective are the visual aids (if any)?

Winners will be selected based on 5 categories:

  • Best Overall Design
  • Best Innovation
  • Best Re-engineered/Multi-disciplinary Collaboratively Designed Product
  • Best Freshman Design
  • Best Verbal Presentation

Each winning design in the category will receive $2,000 based on the combined score of the judging criteria. Each entry can be considered for more than one category.

The Faculty Advisor of each winning team will enjoy a complimentary five year ASME membership (a $735 value), AND a $1,000 cash award. A Faculty Advisor will be eligible to receive the award for only one category.