Delivering on the Promise of the Shale Gas Boom


ASME Energy Forum Webinar - Liquefied Natural Gas

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Some experts believe that the U.S. is in the middle of an energy revolution due to advances in the production of natural gas. But up to now, the effects of that revolution has been limited because natural gas is hard to store and transport globally, like oil or distribute as a transport fuel, like gasoline. Now companies are working to build plants in the U.S. that can turn natural gas into a liquid to export and others are developing new LNG dispensing technology for engines to use liquefied natural gas instead of gasoline or diesel. Join George Hu, Technology Manager LNG at Technip USA, and Justin Capouch, LNG Technology Manager at CB&I, for a live webinar to learn about these technologies and how they could deliver American shale gas to the world.

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Featured Presentations:

Presenter: George Hu
Technology Manager LNG
Technip USA

Presenter: Justin Capouch
LNG Technology Manager

Jeffrey Winters
Senior Editor, Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey Winters is Senior Editor at ASME's magazine, Mechanical Engineering, where he has focused on energy and related issues. Mr. Winters has written about a wide variety of science and technology topics since the early 1990s, with his work appearing in magazines such as Discover, The Sciences, Popular Science, and Psychology Today.

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