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Shale Development
and Hydraulic Fracturing
San Diego, California USA
March 17-19, 2014


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Opening Keynote: Shale Revolution and Global Energy Opportunities
The shale oil and gas revolution has been well publicized and debated, with much of the discussion addressing the impact on society and the economy. This session will further this discussion by expanding on the expectations for shale development. In particular, what are the challenges and opportunities associated with this type of development? Why will the major differences from conventional oil and gas require different approaches?
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Session 1-Taking Advantage of the Global Shale Revolution
Shale development has been rapid, impactful, and a game-changer within North America. But the long-term prospects and global potential remain uncertain. Will shale development trigger for the dawn of a global gas market? How unique are conditions within North America? Will the North American model be replicated elsewhere, or will North America take advantage of its position and establish a global export business?
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Session 2-Enabling Technology: Hydraulic Fracturing
The marriage of long horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing triggered the shale gas revolution—and along with it a new economic landscape. This session will investigate ways to maximize opportunities in this new economy.
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Session 3-Technological Excellence for Optimal Effectiveness and Efficiency
When the shale revolution began, the industry brought conventional fracturing equipment and surface processes to deliver the desired solutions downhole. As the techniques have matured, so has the equipment, with new equipment designs emerging that can deliver the exceptionally different solutions in an integrated and efficient manner. This session will challenge some of the fundamentals (from conventional) and discuss new and innovative approaches.
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Session 4-Technologies for Completion and Fracturing—Efficiency, Economics, and Optimization
Completion and fracturing efficiency is the key driver, as shale production shares greater similarities with mining than conventional reservoir engineering. But we continue to misapply conventional concepts. The winners in the future of shale development will be companies that focus on improved recoveries and stimulation coverage.
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Session 5-Production Enhancement: Artificial Lift and Re-Fracturing
The extensive shift to horizontal wells that has been driven by the shale revolution has resulted in redesign of conventional artificial lift approaches. The efficiency of such systems is strongly linked to horizontal well design. This Session will investigate the application of systems in this new environment and also the major potential for additional recovery through re-fracturing of by-passed pay in the thousands of wells already drilled.
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Session 6-Technologies for Reducing Environmental Impacts
This Session will investigate the latest innovations within drilling and completion approaches in North America, that impact environmental aspects. Areas to be covered include the full-cycle hydrocarbon footprint, fracturing fluid chemistry, efficient use of technology for power generation, and technologies that are likely to endure as new legislation related to emissions is enacted.
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Session 7-Opportunities, Strategies, and Economics for Entering the Shale Play Market
Presentations will examine management, resource allocation, and economics of redeployment of assets following the evolution of market opportunities around the globe.
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Session 8-Water Management in Shale Plays
Water management is a fundamental part of unconventional shale development, and the challenge for the oil and gas industry is to demonstrate that it are far less consumptive than existing alternative power generation schemes. This session will explore ways to showcase how the oil and gas industry makes efficient use of water resources.
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Session 9-Case Studies
Unconventional shale development has been driven by macroscopic statistical trends. One approach to generating maximum value has been analysis and publication of case histories within trends and basins. This session will focus on mining the large pool of valuable information available from Operators, Service Providers, GPS, and FracFocus.
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Panel-Environmentally Sustainable and Competitive Solutions
Unlike conventional oil and gas, shale development can have a visible and measurable impact on local communities, infrastructure, and resources. It is therefore essential that, as an industry, we cultivate these resources in partnership with state, county, and local communities. This panel discussion will investigate various concerns and issues.
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