's Most
Popular Videos
and Podcasts of 2012

getmedia/b447057d-59e3-4424-bca4-89d2d6d55dbe/ASME-Most-Popular-Videos-and-Podcasts-of-2012_thumb.jpg.aspx?width=60&height=60&ext=.jpg dramatically increased its multimedia offerings in 2012, with a collection of high-quality videos filmed at a variety of locations, along with a wide selection of podcast recordings with experts from across the engineering profession. Below we include the Top 5 “Most Viewed” and “Most-Listened-to” of each.

Top 5 Most-Viewed Videos

  1. Fighting Cancer Using Nanotechnology
    Former veterinarian P. Jack Hoopes discussed his own career path as well as the role of engineers in the fight against cancer in’s Most-Viewed Video of 2012.
  2. Integrated Heating and Cooling Systems
    Filmed at a workshop in New York, NY, Prof. Moncef Krarti’s discussion of energy efficiency and renewable energy systems for buildings was immensely popular with viewers.
  3. Current Trends and Challenges in Modular Robotics
    Filmed on location at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, this video looks at some of the most cutting-edge work being done in the field of robotics today.
  4. Efficiency and Renewable Energy Generation
    Retrofitting older buildings with renewable technologies is a rapidly growing area, and there is a lot of work to be done. Dr. Ren Anderson, NREL, is on the front lines.
  5. Early Disease Detection Using Nanotechnologies
    Prof. Gang Bao of the Georgia Institute of Technology discussed nanomedicine and its potential applications in disease studies with

Top 5 Most-Listened-to Podcasts

  1. Engineering Job Outlook in an Uncertain Economy
    Thomas G. Loughlin, Executive Director of ASME, talked about job prospects for mechanical engineers in the current economy and the role engineers play as economic drivers in’s Most-Listened-to Podcast of 2012.
  2. Flying Autonomous Robots
    UPenn’s flying robots made quite a splash at the TED conference in California in 2012. Dr. Vijay Kumar, UPS Foundation Professor and the Deputy Dean for Education in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at UPenn, discusses real-world applications of these autonomous flying robots.
  3. Using Microfluidics to Diagnose HIV
    Samuel Sia, associate professor in the department of biomedical engineering at Columbia University, talks about using microfluidics for global health diagnostics and for 3-D tissue biology.
  4. Allison Sawyer: From Student to Entrepreneur
    Building a company from the ground up while at college doesn't come without challenges. Allison Sawyer, CEO and co-founder of Rebellion Photonics, gives tips on how to handle those challenges and shares lessons she learnt on her journey from a student to entrepreneur.
  5. The Nanomechanics of Spider Webs
    Markus J. Buehler, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, talks about what makes spider silk so robust and how the understanding of nanomechanics in spider webs can be applied to manmade construction.

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