Professional Licensure

The steps to becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Step One- Graduation

The first step is graduating from an ABET-accredited engineering program at a college or university.

Step Two- The FE Exam

The first exam in the licensure process is the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE). This exam is offered in April and October every year. Most students take the exam right before graduation, or soon after, while the technical information they've studied is still fresh in their minds.

Step Three- Work Experience

Appropriate work experience is required for licensure. Once you begin working, you should check with the licensing board in your state to make sure that you are meeting their requirements.

Step Four- The PE Exam

Once you have gained the appropriate experience required, you can take the second exam in the licensure process, the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE). These exams are offered in both April and October.

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