Creating Your
Community Brand


There’s a lot of talent out there on the job market. To compete, you need to clarify what you offer that sets you apart from the crowd. And as “Managing Brand You” notes, the word brand no longer applies only to dishwasher liquids, frozen foods, and the world of inanimate products; it’s about what you need to create to boost your odds of success: Brand You.

There’s a great deal of advice on offer, and an abundance of candidates for every job. But you have a powerful resource most others don’t: the Community, and your Community Profile.

This is a space of, by and for engineers. Put it to work for you!


Let’s start by taking a look at a sample Profile. As you see, the form of the Participant Profile is conveniently elastic. Whatever you put in to begin with in any of the form’s information blocks—from the basic identifying data to work experience and education—can be expanded whenever necessary just by clicking “add.” Most likely, you’ll be doing that often as your career moves forward.

So. On to your brand. Some basic steps:

  • Write a quick introduction to your Profile to focus and frame your story. Think it through first. Reversing roles helps: Who is your target reader, and what do you want him or her to take away? Don’t forget to include a photo.

  • For the Experience section, include professional history that backs up the brand you’re building.

  • Include work experience, awards, certifications and projects that backs the brand you’re building. Keep your overall work story in mind as you describe your history and accomplishments.

  • Your Site Activity is part of your profile, so be sure to take advantage of your Dashboard and Groups. You can utilize them to show your viewpoints and knowledge through comments and conversations. The Groups you choose and the Participants in your Network also strengthen Brand You.

  • And, of course, if you have a website or participate in other social media that can help tell your story, link to them too. It helps paint a portrait of your full online presence.

  • At the same time, be judicious. Remember that whoever looks at your Profile will likely be sorting through many others too. So, while you obviously don’t want to omit anything relevant to the Profile you’re building, leave out information that’s clearly extraneous. Your reviewers will appreciate you all the more.

There’s even more you can do with your Profile. Check out the Community Help & Support Group for step-by-step instructions on importing your information from LinkedIn or starting your Profile from scratch.

Remember: your Community participation gives you a significant competitive advantage in building your brand. So, think like the engineer you are. Use it to the fullest.

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February 2015

by Charles Marshall