Brothers Paying It Forward!

The Lucy and Charles W. E. Clarke Scholarship Committee were thrilled to see brothers “Paying It Forward”.  Cole, a 2011 recipient of the scholarship, nominating his brother Titus for the scholarship in 2014 and he was selected. They were part of the FIRST Team 2137, TORC, from Michigan.

The brothers are completing degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University and are Phi Delta Theta members as well as ASME Student Members.

Cole, a senior, is working a co-op with Webasto Roof Systems in Rochester Hills, MI. He is gaining experience in product testing for the electrical systems of automotive sunroof products and product engineering for the sunroof products at Webasto.

Titus, a sophomore, is also gaining experience by working co-ops. His first co-op with General Motors led his interests in product development. He is now working for NLB Corp in product development.

These brothers are extremely grateful for their scholarships and thankful to the Auxiliary’s commitment to early career engineers. To show their gratitude they pay forward to other students by assisting them in applying for Auxiliary scholarships and being nominators. In the last few years, the Clarke Committee has seen other receipts of the scholarship and those who applied but didn’t get the scholarship, paying it forward by nominating students.  The FIRST Competition has really taught these students the true meaning of Gracious Professionalism. It'/s a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community.