Who We Are

The VOLT Academy is led by an Executive Committee composed of a Chair, nine members-at-large, and four ex officio members. The VOLT Academy Executive Committee operates under ASME’s Sector Management Committee.

Executive Committee

Howard Berkof, Chair
Todd Allen, Member-at-Large
Juan Bastardo, ECLIPSE Intern
Ruander Cardenas, Member-at-Large
Allison Case, Member-at-Large
Mickey Clemon, Member-at-Large
Alma Martinez Fallon, Member-at-Large
Marc Goldsmith, Past Chair
Twish Mehta, Member-at-Large
Wolfgang Mueller-Leydig, Member-at-Large
Johné Parker, Member-at-Large
Marc Santos, Member-at-Large
Matt Schulte, Chair, ECLIPSE Internship Committee
Robert E. Simmons, Chair, Senior Leadership Training
Cindy Strong, Communications Training Lead

Staff Contact:
Clare Bruff, Senior Manager, Leadership Development and Diversity