Leadership Resources

The following items, along with the books "Crucial Conversations" (Patterson, et al) and “Building a Knowledge-Based Culture: Using 21st Century Work and Decision-Making Systems in Associations,” (Glenn H. Tecker, et al) are highly recommended reading for ASME'/s leaders:

Links to resources and additional information are provided below.

Career Development Series (under revision)-Educational tools to help engineers and mangers succeed in today'/s business/engineering world.

Fundamentals of Fundraising: A Primer for Volunteers

  • Introduction to Fundraising
  • Asking for Money
  • Sample Fundraising Project
  • Online Fundraising
  • Special Events
  • Recruiting Sponsorships
  • Grantwriting
  • Online Fundraising Resources

History of ASME

You can read a brief history of ASME.

Engineering Ethics

ASME maintains an Ethics Center that highlights society activities in the area of engineering ethics. The Professional Practice Curriculum module on Engineering Ethics also provides an overview of the ASME Canons.


The Professional Practice Curriculum module Communication Skills provides general information and tools for developing effective communication skills.

Diversity as a Strategy

The Diversity Model PowerPoint presentation provides background on how ASME can effective manage diversity. In addition, the Professional Practice Curriculum module Workplace Diversity provides information on diversity issues.

Parliamentary Procedure Module

ASME Codes and Standards has developed an overview learning module on parliamentary procedure. The website of the National Association of Parliamentarians also provides basic "How To" information on key elements of parliamentary procedure.

Honors and Awards

List of Society Awards
Society Policy P-3.2 pertains to establishing awards (NOTE: There is currently a moratorium on establishing new awards). Information on Policy P-2.7 on fund-raising is also available.

Nominating Committee Responsibilities, Principles, Structure, and Operation

This and other valuable information on the Nominating Committee and its operation are contained in the Nominating Committee Manual.

The ASME Best Practices Web Site is now online!! Check out this case study approach to Section and Division Best Practices.


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