Mentoring Program

Whether you are interested in gaining career advice from another engineering professional or whether you are seeking an opportunity to give back to your field, the ASME Mentoring Program strives to facilitate unique experiences that both mentor and mentee can learn and grow from. Through this program, we can connect you with someone from the engineering community that you may not normally meet. Here is a chance to build a strong relationship and structure it however it best works for you.
How to Use Your Benefit
  • Sign up and register as either a mentee or a mentor
  • Create your personal profile. It is very important to create your profile as the matching algorithm takes your profile information into consideration when finding your perfect match.
  • A system generated e-mail notifies you when matches are found.
  • Follow the system instructions in the e-mail and reach out to the mentoring partner of your choice.
  • Once your mentoring partner has accepted the match, both parties are free to create their mentoring relationship any way they see fit.
  • Your mentoring relationship can continue as desired

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