Issue 9 - Fall 2012

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What’s New 

A Message from the Senior Vice President of Standards & Certification

Dear Colleagues,

During the autumn season, many of us are working at full steam — in our professional careers, our personal lives, and our various civic and volunteer activities. The same is true for ASME's nearly 5,000 Standards & Certification (S&C) volunteers, as the season brings about many S&C events. This fall, dozens of S&C meetings will be held on topics as diverse as Dimensional Metrology (B89) and Integrated Combined Gas Cycles (PTC 47) to Emergency Operations for Elevators (A17) and Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO). In addition, this quarter we anticipate providing training to over 3,000 individuals on over 300 courses, and new certificates have been issued to over 70 manufacturers located outside of the United States. On behalf of ASME's leadership and staff, I'd like to thank you for your very valuable contributions in advancing ASME's mission of improving the quality of life for humankind.

Kenneth Balkley
ASME Standards & Certification Senior Vice President Kenneth Balkey

While many S&C volunteers dedicate a significant amount of time and financial resources toward their particular area of interest, in order for S&C to best leverage its resources to meet future challenges, it is necessary for various parts of the organization to have a solid understanding of ASME's numerous activities, capacities, and opportunities. To this end, from October 15-17 S&C held its first ever General Assembly, including a strategic plenary meeting which brought together members of its governing Council as well as its technical and advisory boards. During this meeting, June Ling, who is now the ASME deputy executive Director, shared remarkable performance results of ASME S&C over the last 5 years in many areas thanks to prior strategic planning sessions. A facilitated "trade show" was then conducted that provided the Council, boards, and staff leadership with the opportunity to showcase their activities and afforded participants the opportunity to ask questions, make suggestions, and explore new ideas. In addition, a panel session organized by the Council's Board on Strategic Initiatives Task Group discussed five potential areas of impact to S&C (in addition to ASME's overarching priorities of energy, global impact, and workforce development). These included technology, economic trends, infrastructure, conformity assessment, and S&C operations.

While all of the above areas of focus are important, we are seeing many things happen around the world that inform us that we are truly a global Society — whether it be the growth of global trade in engineered goods and services; the increase in demand for energy and infrastructure from emerging markets; or the shared concern regarding unforeseen impacts from events such as 9/11, hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. With your continued support, I am confident that ASME — through its many dedicated Standards & Certification volunteers and staff members — can help meet such challenges now and in the future.


Kenneth Balkley

Kenneth R. Balkey, P.E.
Senior Vice President, ASME Standards & Certification (2011-2014)
November 2012

To learn more about ASME Standards & Certification or to become involved in its numerous activities, visit

ASME Participates in World Standards Week

ASME joined others in the standards community for a series of events held from October 9-12 in Washington D.C. as part of the U.S. celebration of World Standards Week. During an Open Forum on Building Bridges Across the Standards Ecosystem, Mark Sheehan, managing director of development for ASME Standards & Certification, participated in a panel session on Developing Standards for the Global Market. Joined by colleagues from ASTM International, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), the Zigbee Alliance, and the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum, Sheehan highlighted ASME's success working with foreign governments and other stakeholders to adapt its standards for local use. The panel was kicked off by a keynote from U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market Access and Compliance Michael C. Camuñez, who spoke about the potential for standards and conformity assessment issues to serve as non-tariff barriers as well as outreach to ensure that Russia remains open to using and adopting international standards.

For more information, visit the World Standards Week website.

ASME Standards & Certification Announces Several Awards

David Duerr, P.E., a resident of Houston, TX and president of 2DM Associates, Inc., was presented with ASME's Safety Codes and Standards Medal at a meeting of the Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices (BTH) Standards Committee held in St. Louis on September 23, 2012.

He is being recognized for more than 12 years of active involvement in ASME committees including contributions in the development of the first edition and 2008 and 2011 revisions of BTH-1–Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices; for chairing the BTH Standards Committee; for publishing works that further promote safety codes and standards; and for unwavering advocacy of safety codes and standards activities.

David Duerr
David Duerr

Duerr is currently vice chair of the BTH Standards Committee, an alternate on the B30 Safety Standards Committee for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks and Slings, and a member of the B30.1 (Jacks, Industrial Rollers, Air Casters and Hydraulic Gantries) and B30.20 (Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices) subcommittees.

On October 9, 2012, John L. Wright of Indianapolis, IN, was presented with ASME's Standardization & Testing 2012 Dedicated Service Award during a meeting of the B29 Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets for Power Transmission and Conveying Standards Committee in Atlanta, GA. Wright was cited in recognition of dedicated service to the Society as chair and member of the B29 Standards Committee and of US Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC 100, and as leader in the development of numerous B29 standards — mostly recently B29.1-2011 Precision Power Transmission Roller Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets and B29.100-2011 Double-Pitch Roller Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets.

As noted in the Summer 2012 edition of S&C Update, Richard D. Porco, of Batavia, OH, was named the 2012 Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes and Standards Award. Mr. Porco was presented with his award at the October 17, 2012 meeting of the Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards.

Nuclear Codes and Standards Award
Richard Porco, recipient of the 2012 Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes and Standards Award, poses alongside Ken Balkey, Sr. Vice President, ASME Standards & Certification; ASME staff member Romie Ares-Crowley; and Richard (Rick) Swayne, Vice President, ASME Nuclear Codes and Standards

Mohinder L. Nayyar, P.E., of Brookeville, Md., has been named the 2012 recipient of ASME's Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal in recognition of his extraordinary leadership and professionalism in consensus building and work force training in support of the development of ASME codes and standards for pressure equipment, and for promoting their acceptance by regulatory agencies worldwide.

Mohinder Nayyar
Mohinder Nayyar

The Melvin R. Green Medal — Standards & Certification's highest award — honors the memory and extraordinary contributions of Melvin R. Green, an ardent supporter of industrial standards and longtime employee of the Society. It recognizes outstanding contributions to the development, promulgation or management of documents, objects or devices used in ASME programs of technical codification, standardization and conformity assessment. The award will be presented to Mr. Nayyar during a special Honors Assembly to be held in conjunction with ASME's 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Nov. 9-15, in Houston.

An ASME Fellow, Nayyar has served as a member of the ASME Council on Standards and Certification, Board on Pressure Technology Codes and Standards, and Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards; and in leadership positions of numerous technical committees including the B31 Committee on Pressure Piping, the B31.1 Committee on Power Piping, the B16 Committee on Valves, Flanges, Fittings, and Gaskets, the Committee on Nonmetallic Pressure Piping Systems, and numerous subcommittees and working groups.

Nayyar is the recipient of a number of ASME certificates and awards, including the Master of Power Piping Award (2009) and the ASME Dedicated Service Award (2010).

Committee on Water Efficiency Guidelines Established, Seeking Members

ASME has recently established a new standards committee on Water Efficiency Guidelines for Power and Other Industrial Facilities, which has been chartered to develop guidance documents to promote the efficient use of water in applications within power and industrial facilities and to aid in evaluation of technical options. Topics to be addressed by the committee include, but are not limited to, cooling systems, the use of fresh and non-fresh water resources, and innovative water reuse and water recovery technologies.

The committee is currently seeking membership. Stakeholders and users include power plant and other industrial facilities engineers, designers, developers, owners, operators, inspectors and regulatory government agencies.

For more information, including for participation, contact Fredric Constantino (+1.212.591.8684).

ASME Seeking Abstracts for 2nd Annual ASME Verification and Validation Symposium

Building off the success of its first symposium, ASME will be holding the 2nd annual Verification and Validation Symposium from May 22-24, 2013 in Las Vegas. Individuals have until January 20, 2013 to submit abstracts.

For more information, visit the symposium website or contact Ryan Crane (+1.212.591.7004)

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New and Revised Publications 

New Standards:

B31Q-2010 (Spanish) Calificación del personal de líneas de tuberías

Revised Standards:

A17.2-2012 Guide for Inspection of Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks

B16.29-2012 Wrought Copper and Wrought Copper Alloy Solder-Joint Drainage Fittings—DWV

B16.33-2012 Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Gas Piping Systems up to 175 psi (Sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 2)

B16.38-2012 Large Metallic Valves for Gas Distribution: Manually Operated, NPS 2 ½ (DN 65) to NPS 12 (DN 300), 125 psig (8.6 bar) Maximum

B18.5-2012 Round Head Bolts (Inch Series)

B31G-2012 Manual for Determining the Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipelines

B31.3-2012 Process Piping

BPE-2012 Bioprocessing Equipment

See full listing of recently published standards

New Standards Technology LLC Publications

Investigation of Temperature Derating Factors for High-Strength Line Pipe (STP-PT-049 - 2012)

See full listing of ASME Standards Technology Publications

ASME Standards Open For ANSI Public Review

Public comments may be submitted on proposed new ASME Standards drafts and on proposals to revise, reaffirm, or withdraw approval of existing ASME Standards.

A112.18.1/CSA B125.1 Plumbing Supply Fittings

B5.57 Methods for Performance Evaluation of Computer Numerically Controlled Lathes and Turning Centers

B18.2.1 Square and Hex Bolts and Screws — Inch

B18.6.3 Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, and Metallic Drive Screws (Inch Series)

B30.25 Scrap and Material Handlers

B73.1 Specification for Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process

BPVC Section II Part A - Ferrous Material Specifications

BPVC Section II Part B - Nonferrous Material Specifications

BPVC Section II Part D - Materials Properties

BPVC Section III Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components

BPVC Section IV Rules for Construction of Heating Boilers

MFC 6 Measurement of Fluid Flow in Pipes Using Vortex Flow Meters

OM Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants

PVHO-2 Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy In-Service Guidelines

RA-Sb Standard for Level 1/Large Early Release Frequency Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant Applications

Y14.3 Orthographic and Pictorial Views

See full listing of ASME Standards Open for ANSI Public Review

New Standards Projects

A17.4 Elevator Guide for Emergency Personnel

B18.2.2 Nuts for General Applications: Machine Screw Nuts, Hex, Square, Hex Flange, and Coupling Nuts (Inch Series)

B29.10M Heavy Duty Offset Sidebar Power Transmission Roller Chains and Sprocket Teeth

B29.15M Steel Roller-Type Conveyor Chains, Attachments and Sprocket Teeth

B29.300 Agricultural, Detachable and Pintle Chains, Attachments and Sprockets

HST-2 Performance Standard for Hand Chain Manually Operated Chain Hoists

HST-5 Performance Standard for Air Chain Hoists

B73.2 Specification for Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process

B73.3 Specification for Sealless Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process

See full listing of New Standards Projects and Staff Contacts

Global Outreach 

ASME Standards & Certification Makes Key Addition to Global Development Staff

Recognizing increased global demand, ASME Standards & Certification has made a key addition to its development staff. Effective November 15th, Heidi Hijikata will assume the position of director of global development. In this role, she will provide direction and oversight for Standards & Certification's global activities and serve as a bridge between ASME and governmental entities within and outside of the United States on issues related to standards and conformity assessment. Hijikata brings to ASME over 25 years of experience in global trade and development, most recently as standards liaison for the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, where she advanced the understanding of various standardization frameworks and coordinated with industry stakeholders and government officials on technical and policy issues affecting innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth. She will be based out of ASME's Washington D.C. office.

ASME Participates in 2012 ISO General Assembly

ASME Standards & Certification staff members were among several hundred delegates in attendance at this year's International Organization for Standardization (ISO) General Assembly held September 17-22, 2012 in San Diego. The goal of the assembly is to provide a central venue for discussions that will shape the direction of ISO's future products, services, and systems; it also provides standards developers and their numerous stakeholders with the opportunity to discuss mutual challenges and explore potential collaboration. This year's assembly, hosted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), included meetings of the ISO General Assembly, the ISO Council, ISO Technical Management Board (ISO/TMB), and the ISO Policy Committee on Developing Country Matters (ISO DEVCO), as well as an open session on standards related to sustainability. ASME, a co-sponsor of the assembly, was represented by staff members William Berger and Robert Lettieri.

Standards & Certification Seeks to Further Cooperation with Colombia

Building off previous efforts focused on standardization in the areas of boiler and pressure vessel safety, ASME participated in a recent meeting with a delegation of Colombian officials. Hosted by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the meeting was focused on furthering cooperation under the auspices of the World Trade Organization's Technical Barriers to Trade Committee on international standards and good regulatory practice. In addition to standards and regulatory practice, participants discussed cooperation in the areas of training, conformity assessment, and certification. ASME was represented by Senior Government Relations Representative Paul Fakes.

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Energy Spotlight  

ASME Standards Technology LLC Evaluates Development of Guidelines for Decommissioning Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal fired utilities will be either shutting down facilities or investing in significant modifications to stay on-line and in compliance with new regulations. There is a current lack of standards or guidelines on de-commissioning coal-fired power stations, as well as a lack of standards for new technologies that are already in use to keep existing plants on-line.

To support ASME's ongoing initiative of identifying codes/ guidelines that would be need over the full life-cycle of coal fired plants, ASME ST-LLC has initiated an investigation including a literature review; a regulatory review; and compilation of information on plants that have been or are scheduled to be decommissioned or subject to modifying or updating.

For more information, contact Gita Sheth (+1.212.591.7865).

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Training and Development  

ASME to Conduct Nuclear Training Event on Nuclear Plant Safety and Equipment Qualification

From December 3-7, 2012, ASME will conduct a Nuclear Plant Safety and Equipment Qualification training event in Atlanta, Ga. Senior level industry executives will present workshops on seismic assessment and guidelines and review safety enhancements and lessons learned that have occurred in the aftermath of the Fukushima accident of 2011. The event will also offer several ASME training courses on nuclear power plant design and construction. The event will be held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information, visit the event website or contact Jennifer Delda (+1.212.591.7108).

Three More Assessment Based Courses Offered

ASME has expanded its portfolio of Assessment Based Courses to include courses on Heating Boilers (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IV); Pressure Relief Devices (PTC-25); and Steam Turbines (PTC-6).

Assessment Based Courses are online self-study courses, structured as a series of easily digestible modules, and intended to provide individuals with an overview of a particular standard. Participants complete an end of modules assessment with a required pass rate of 70% or above.

See all Assessment Based Courses

See more ASME Training & Development opportunities

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Calendar of Events  

All meetings of ASME standards developing committees are free and open to the public.

Committee on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants/ISTOG
Dec 03 2012 08:00 AM - Dec 07 2012 01:00 PM | Clearwater, Florida, United States

PTC 19.1 Test Uncertainty
Dec 06 2012 09:00 AM - Dec 07 2012 05:00 PM | St. Augustine, Florida, United States

A17 Elevator Code Week
Jan 07 2013 08:00 AM - Jan 11 2013 05:00 PM | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Committee
Jan 14 2013 08:00 AM - Jan 17 2013 03:00 PM | San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

B30, CNF and BTH Committees
Jan 27 2013 08:00 AM - Feb 01 2013 02:00 PM | St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

B31.1 Power Piping Committee
Jan 28 2013 - Jan 30 2013 | Tucson, Arizona, United States

A17 TGs on Use of Elevators by Firefighters and Occupant Egress
Feb 05 2013 08:30 AM - Feb 07 2013 05:00 PM | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Committee on Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment - February 2013 Meeting
Feb 05 2013 08:00 AM - Feb 07 2013 05:00 PM | San Francisco, California, United States

B31 Qualification of Pipeline Personnel Technical Committee (2/26/13 - 2/27/13)
Feb 26 2013 01:00 PM - Feb 27 2013 05:00 PM | St. Pete Beach, Florida, United States

A17 Emergency Operations and Hoistway Committee Meetings
Mar 05 2013 08:30 AM - Mar 08 2013 05:00 PM | Miami, Florida, United States

ASME B16 Code Week
Mar 18 2013 08:00 AM - Mar 21 2013 05:00 PM | Tampa, Florida, United States

B31.4 Committee on Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids
Mar 26 2013 - Mar 27 2013 | San Antonio, Texas, United States


See full meeting calendar

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