ASME Elected
Society Officers

The elected society officers listed below will start their terms in June 2015.



 Julio C. Guerrero, Ph.D. is president nominee of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the 2015-2016 term of office. Guerrero has been an active member of the Society for more than 20 years. He currently serves as principal, R&D and Business Development, in the Energy Division at Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At Draper, Guerrero identifies ways to apply the Lab's expertise in advanced technological solutions such as sensors, controls, automation, guidance and navigation, data analytics, secure communications, and advanced communications to improve the energy industry, as well as for oil and gas exploration.

Prior to joining Draper Laboratory in 2011, Guerrero held the position of principal research scientist at Schlumberger Research, also in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Schlumberger (SLB) is the world's leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry. At SLB, he established and led a number of multidisciplinary research collaborations in robotics, mechanical systems, and other areas for subsea and land oil operations. Guerrero also led the 2,400-member worldwide SLB/Eureka Mechanical Engineering Community for several years. Guerrero was also vice chair of the Mechanical Engineering External Advisory Committee at the University of Texas at Austin Among his ASME leadership activities, Guerrero served as a member of the ASME Board of Governors from 2011-2014 and was recognized for his role in the Society's Leadership Task Force committee. He also served as vice chair of the ASME Industry Advisory Board and co-chair of the Energy Grand Challenge Task Force. He also served as co-chair of the IAB-Academia workshop. His work on the ASME Strategic Initiatives and New Products cross functional team helped to better define the Society's global markets and provided a clearer understanding of customer needs worldwide.

He holds 22 patents worldwide, is author and co-author of several technical publications, has lectured at MIT, and speaks English and Italian, in addition to his native Spanish. Guerrero earned both his Ph.D. along with his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He also received his bachelor's and engineer degree in mechanical engineering along with top honors from Peru's Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, Perú. To connect with Julio Guerrero on, please visit


Board of Governors


Bryan A. Erler, P.E., (Member ASME) has been an executive in the nuclear power industry for over 40 years; 34 years with Sargent & Lundy and Senior Vice President/ Owner for 18 of those years. He was responsible for structural engineering, piping design, pressure components specification, civil and architectural engineering and design for nuclear and fossil electric power plants. He retired from Sargent & Lundy in 2003. As President of Erler Engineering Ltd., he consults to the electric power industry and is currently serving as ASME’s Vice President of Conformity Assessment and Chair, ASME Board of Conformity Assessment providing oversight of all ASME’s Conformity Assessment and Certification Requirements. He has been personally involved with ASME Nuclear Codes and Standards for 41 years including B&PV Codes Section III, Section XI, the ASME Board of Nuclear Codes and Standards since 1991 and the ASME Board on Conformity Assessment.



Caecilia Gotama, P.E. LEED AP BD+C, (Fellow ASME) is the founder of Gotama Building Engineers, Inc. She received her Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Fullerton; and a Master’s of Business Administration from Pepperdine University. Ms. Gotama is a LEED Accredited Professional with specialty credentials on Building Design and Construction. She serves as the Chair of the ASME ECLIPSE Intern Program and is a member of the McDonald Mentoring Award Committee. Ms. Gotama was awarded an ASME Dedicated Service Award in 2013. She is also a recipient of the “Vision and Visionary” award by her alma mater California State University, Fullerton; the highest award that a university bestows on its alumni. The award signifies her achievements as a successful business owner in the engineering field as well as her contribution to the community. Ms. Gotama is very active in her community and has a special interest in the education of children and interested adults in Southern California.



Sriram Somasundaram, Ph.D. (Fellow ASME) is a Chief Engineer and a team leader of the Advanced Building Controls team within the Building Energy Systems Group in the Energy and Environment Directorate at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He conducts full-time research in the emerging area of Buildings-to-Grid Integration where energy efficient and optimally controlled smart buildings communicate with the smart electric grid of the future. He has led several multi-million dollar and multi-year research projects over the past 25 years in the areas of energy efficiency in appliances and equipment standards as well as developing building energy codes and standards. Dr. Somasundaram obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering in India and then his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 1981. He then joined the faculty of Mechanical Engineering department at Texas A&M University to teach undergraduate and graduate level courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer and was responsible for developing a graduate research and teaching curriculum in the areas of cogeneration and energy management. His professional volunteer activities began in ASME as a member of the fuel cell and cogeneration technical committee leading up to the Executive Committee of Advanced Energy Systems Division where he rose to the position of the Division Chair, following which he was selected to serve as an Energy Conversion Group Leader overseeing the activities of five technical divisions. Dr. Somasundaram was a member of the founding task force that developed the VOLT Academy, a group responsible for volunteer orientation and leadership training from the student member all the way to the President of ASME. He was also the founding co-chair of the Energy Sustainability International Conference, now in its 7th year. He is a Fellow of both ASME and ASHRAE and has received numerous awards for distinguished and sustained service within these organizations. He is also an ABET Program Evaluator for the accreditation of Mechanical Engineering programs.


Vice President – Safety Codes and Standards


Louis Bialy P.E., (ASME Member) has 47 years of experience in the design, development and testing of industrial products. He has 34 years of experience in elevator and escalator engineering. Mr. Bialy founded the Otis Canada R&D Department in 1980 and was transferred to Otis WHQ, Farmington, CT in 1984. He led the development of many products in hydraulic, geared and gearless elevators.  He directed the worldwide codes and standards department of Otis Elevator Company from 1993 to 2013 and is currently President of Louis Bialy and Associates, LLC. Mr. Bialy is head of the US delegation to ISO/TC178 as well as an active member on several ISO working groups. He is a member of the ASME Council on Standards and Certification and is Vice Chair of the ASME Board on Safety Codes and Standards. He serves as a member of the ASME A17 Standards Committee and is Chair of the A17 Mechanical Design Committee, the A17 New Technology Committee, and the US TAG to ISO. He served as Chair of the NEII Central Code Committee and served on the NAESA International Board of Directors. Mr. Bialy received a B.SC (Eng.) degree from Witwatersrand University, South Africa in 1966 and an M. Eng. degree from McMaster University, Canada in 1970. He was ASME (CT) Distinguished Engineer of the Year (1991) and was honored as an Otis Fellow (2006). He is the recipient of the 2008 ASME Safety Codes and Standards Medal and an ASME Dedicated Service Award in 2012. He has received six United Technologies Corporation special awards and holds many patents in the elevator industry and other industries. Mr. Bialy has published extensively on engineering topics including the Elevator Industry and has given numerous presentations around the world on Elevator Safety, Codes and Standards issues.


Vice President – Education


William W. Predebon, Ph.D., (Fellow ASME) earned his B.S. degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1965 and his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Iowa State University in 1968 and 1970, respectively. From 1971-1975 he worked as a mechanical engineer for the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory (now Army Research Laboratory). In 1975 he joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics at Michigan Technological University as an assistant professor and was promoted to professor in 1984. Dr. Predebon was Associate Chair and Director of Graduate Studies, 1993-1997. He was elected chair of the department in August 1997 and is in his seventeenth year. He held summer appointments at Argonne National Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Honeywell, Inc. and Alliant Techsystems, Inc. He holds the rank of Captain in the US Army Reserves. Dr. Predebon’s awards include: the ASME Dedicated Service Award, 2014; Michigan Tech Claire M. Donovan  Outstanding Service Award, 2013; Michigan Tech Honorary Alumni Award, 2010; Michigan Tech Black Student Organization’s 1st Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Award, 2007; Michigan Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities Distinguished Faculty Award, 1985; the Michigan Technological University Distinguished Teaching Award, 1984; and the U.S. Army Ballistic Research Laboratory Commendation, 1973. He holds two U. S. Patents. Dr. Predebon’s research includes mechanical behavior, characterization and processing of ceramics, shock deformation, wave propagation, and dynamic fracture of metals and ceramics, impact phenomena, fragmentation, and self-paced engineering education. His research has been supported by government and industry. His professional service includes: ASME SECD Board on Student Programs Chair, 2013-present; Project Lead/Developer of the ASME Biennial Mechanical Engineering Department Benchmarking Survey & Study, 2000-present; Chair (2010-2012), Vice Chair (2008-2010), Secretary (2006-2008), and Member-at-Large (2004-2006) of the ASME Mechanical Engineering Department Heads Executive Committee; ASME Nominating Committee member, 2010-2012.


Vice President – Conformity Assessment


Richard “Rick” R. Stevenson, P.E. (Member ASME) has over 40 years experience with ASME and the National Board Conformity Assessment Programs in the Nuclear Power Industry. He holds MS and BS degrees in Civil Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer. He has held various positions within Quality Assurance/Quality Control/Quality Engineering leading up to his current position as Chief Engineer, QA and Nuclear QA Manager ASME III Program for CB&I Stone & Webster, Inc. Mr. Stevenson has 28 years participation on ASME committees within the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code committee structure with the majority of those being in leadership roles and received the ASME Dedicated Service Award in 2009. He is currently Vice Chair of the Board on Conformity Assessment (BCA) with service on BCA since February 1997, and is an Ex-Officio Member of the Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards (BNCS) with service on BNCS since October 2003. He is the current Chair of the Committee on Nuclear Certification (CNC) with service on CNC since February 1990, and is a member of the ASME Section XI Subgroup on Repair/Replacement Activities with service since November 1986, the ASME Section XI Working Group on Design and Programs with service since September 1995, the ASME Section III Special Working Group for New Advanced Light Water Reactor Plant Construction Issues with service since November 2010, and the ASME Section III Special Working Group on Regulatory Interface with service since July 2011. He served on the Boiler & Pressure Vessel (B&PV) Honors and Awards committee from 2003 to 2010.