Issue 17 - Fall 2014

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What’s New 

ASME Establishes New Committees on Additive Manufacturing, Energy Storage

ASME's Y14 Standards Committee recently agreed to support the development of a new standard on additive manufacturing. To be designated Y14.46, it is envisioned that the standard will cover dimensioning, tolerancing, and related practices for use on engineering product definition digital sets and in related documents for additive manufacturing designs. The standard will establish methods to describe structures being designed into complex parts, complex internal geometric features (e.g., internal matrices, engineered voids, internal curving channels), build orientation, fill patterns, local toolpath orientations, integrated components manufactured at the same time, specifying geometric placement of the material and material gradients.

ASME's Performance Test Code Standards Committee approved the formation of a new Performance Test Codes Committee (PTC 53) on Energy Storage. The objective of this code will be to provide uniform test methods and procedures for the determination of the performance of energy storage systems used in electric power applications. The code will provide a quantifiable method to compare performance across technology platforms and provide explicit methodologies for the determination of the following performance results:

  • Energy Performance
  • Energy Storage Loss
  • Ramp Rate
  • Roundtrip Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Release Response Time
  • Stored Energy Capacity

ASME is currently soliciting subject matter experts and affect stakeholders to help support these efforts.

For more information, contact Fredric Constantino (+1.212.591.8684).


ASME Issues Pipeline Standards Compendium

Within the United States, federal regulations governing pipelines are administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). PHMSA, in turn, relies on numerous private sector standards and guidance documents – including those developed by ASME – to establish a robust and relevant technical basis for its regulations.

In order to facilitate an understanding of the relationship between the PHMSA regulations and the referenced ASME standards for those impacted by the regulations, ASME has created and issued a pipeline standards compendium document. The compendium, which has been organized to aid users of the pipeline safety regulations promulgated by Parts 192, 193, and 195 of Title 49 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, identifies the ASME standard(s) relevant to the regulatory language, describes each referenced ASME standard in plain language, and also provides relevant technical excerpts.

The compendium, which will remain a copyrighted work of ASME, will be available as a free digital product in ASME's online catalog at:
The ASME Pipeline Standards Compendium is not intended to be a complete standard covering all aspects of piping safety and should not be considered a substitution for the application of sound engineering judgment. Users are encouraged to refer to the most recent edition of the applicable ASME standard for additional information.


Workshop on Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Power Plants Held During 2014 ASME Power Conference

On July 31, 2014 ASME, in collaboration with subject matter experts from its Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Committee, held a workshop which provided an open technical exchange and sharing of lessons learned in response to current standards needs in the RAM area. An overview of the 2013 edition of RAM-1 and proposed content of the draft RAM-2 standard was provided, followed by an open discussion and feedback session towards the modification and development of the standards.

ASME is currently soliciting subject matter experts and affected stakeholders to help support the effort.

For more information, contact Ryan Crane (+1.212.591.7004).


Volunteers Recognized for Significant Contributions to ASME Standards & Certification Committee Activities

John F. Kiefner, PhD, PE (Kiefner & Associates) was presented with the 2014 B31 Forever Medal for Excellence in Piping on September 16, 2014 at a reception during B31 committee meetings held in San Diego, California. Dr. Kiefner was recognized for exemplary contributions to ASME B31 committee activities through dedicated, prolonged, and committed service as a volunteer, leader, and engineering statesman. Dr. Kiefner was an member and contributor to the B31.4 Liquid and Slurry Piping Transportation Systems committee for 24 years.  He also contributed to the ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems committee.

Alexander N. Tabenkin was presented with ASME's Standardization & Testing Department's 2014 Dedicated Service Award during the ASME B46 meeting on October 24, 2014 in Gaithersburg, Maryland at NIST Headquarters. Tabenkin was recognized for his outstanding service to the Society, based on his contributions and dedication spanning over twenty-three years in the field of surface metrology.

Brian Parry (The Boeing Company) was awarded the Patrick Higgins Medal during the B89 meeting of October 8, 2014, in Denver, Colorado. He was recognized for his outstanding leadership, extraordinary perseverance, and tireless collaboration in the development and promoting of a broad range of standards spanning dimensional metrology and machine tools and for bringing the personal leadership and tenacity needed to craft consensus within the framework of disparate national and international communities of professionals.


Authorized Inspection Agencies Meet at ASME Headquarters

On October 27-28, 2014 ASME held a meeting with its Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) representatives at its New York headquarters to discuss its conformity assessment survey and joint review process. The AIAs, which facilitate the issuance of over 4,270 certifications and accreditations annually around the world, were also provided an overview of ASME's CA Connect portal.

For more information, visit the Certification and Accreditation webpage or email

Participants in the October 27-28, 2014 conformity assessment meeting at ASME


New Engineering Standards Resource Webpage Established for Students

ASME recently launched a new Engineering Student Resources Webpage to provide students with an improved understanding on the role standards and conformity assessment in engineering. The pages contain information and links to articles, case studies, courses, and other related content.


Conformity Assessment User Portal Updated

CA Connect, ASME's online system for managing certification and accreditation programs, is being updated. Existing certificate holders, and organizations seeking to submit an application, will be able to use new the system at Expected to launch by early December, the portal will also include a search engine to find existing ASME certificate holders.

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ASME Participates in U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum

On September 26, 2014, ASME participated in the 14th U.S.-China Oil and Gas Industry Forum (OGIF) in Denver, Colorado. The annual event is a public-private partnership that convenes business and government leaders from the petroleum and natural gas sectors and features presentations and discussions of key topics and developments in oil and natural gas exploration, production, trade, and regulation. It provides a unique venue to discuss areas of mutual interest, and improve the production and delivery of secure, economical, and reliable oil and natural gas.

For more information, contact Heidi Hijikata (+1.202.787.1260).

Standards and Conformity Assessment Outreach Conducted in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina

On August 19, 2014 ASME – in collaboration with the Brazilian Association of Non Destructive Testing and Inspection (ABENDI) – held a workshop during the ConaEnd Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The workshop covered areas such as ASME Boiler Code Sections V, VIII Divisions 1 and 2, IX, XI, and an overview of the National Board Inspection Code.
On August 27, 2014 ASME – in collaboration with ASTM International – held a workshop to inform the small and medium sizes companies in Mexico of the importance of ASME Conformity Assessment programs and the use of international standards for exporting purposes.
From November 6-7, 2014, ASME, in partnership with representatives from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), and Argentinean industry and regulatory bodies, conducted a boiler inspectors forum in Buenos Ares. The forum was established as a result of a December 2013 workshop with Argentina's Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial (INTI).
For further information on these or other related activities, contact Jim Ramirez (+1.212.591-8033).

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ASME Conducts First “MasterClass” Series on Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Technologies

From Nov 10-14, ASME Training & Development presented seven courses from its MasterClass series on Boiler, Pressure Vessels, and Piping Technologies in New Orleans. The series comprises topics that discuss new technologies, critical rules, and industry standards in order to improve plant integrity and reduce maintenance costs.

For information on future MasterClass events, contact Jennifer Delda (+1.212.591.7108).

Interested in broadening your technical know-how? Download the latest ASME Training & Development course catalogue or the Autumn 2014 course calendar - or visit us on the web.


In addition to publishing numerous consensus standards in the area of pressure technology and equipment, ASME also publishes several books that can be useful in better understanding the technical basis or practical application of a pressure technology standard. Currently, ASME publishes the following Pressure Technology Books (PTBs):

The following are in development

  • PTB-X-20XX Guidelines to PED for BPV Section VIII Division 1 Pressure Vessels
  • PTB-X-20XX Guidelines to PED for BPV Section I Power Boilers
  • PTB-X-20XX Guidelines for Using Grade 91 and Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels for Processing and Power Generation Equipment

See full listing of recently published standards


See full listing of recently published standards


See full listing of ASME Standards Technology Publications


Public comments may be submitted on proposed new ASME Standards drafts and on proposals to revise, reaffirm, or withdraw approval of existing ASME Standards.

See full listing of ASME standards open for ANSI Public Review


New Standards Projects are either first time editions or revisions of existing standards that are not on continuous maintenance.

See full listing of New Standards Projects


All meetings of ASME standards developing committees are free and open to the public.

ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee
Nov 14 2014 - Nov 22 2014 | Orlando, Florida, United States

A17 Earthquake Committee
Dec 02 2014 09:00 AM - Dec 03 2014 05:00 PM | New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

A17 Escalator & Moving Walk Committee
Dec 03 2014, 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM | New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

TWDP Main Committee
Dec 08 2014, 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM | Orlando, Florida, United States

Committee on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants/ISTOG
Dec 08 2014 08:00 AM - Dec 12 2014 01:00 PM | Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

A17 Elevator Code Committee
Jan 12 2015 08:00 AM - Jan 16 2015 05:00 PM | Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

B31.1 SC Power Piping and NPPS SC Thermoplastic Piping Committee
Jan 12 2015 - Jan 16 2015 | Austin, Texas, United States

B30 Cranes, CNF Cranes for Nuclear Facilities and BTH Below the Hook Committee
Jan 25 2015 08:00 AM - Jan 30 2015 12:00 PM | St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

A112/CSA Standards Committee and Project Teams on Plumbing Material and Equipment
Jan 26 2015 08:00 AM - Jan 29 2015 06:00 PM | San Antonio, Texas, United States

B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems
Feb 03 2015 - Feb 05 2015 | San Antonio, Texas, United States

PTC 19.1 Test Uncertainty Committee
Feb 05 2015 09:00 AM - Feb 06 2015 05:00 PM | Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards
Feb 18 2015 08:00 AM - Feb 19 2015 05:00 PM | Annapolis, Maryland, United States

A17 Hoistway & Emergency Operations Committee
Mar 03 2015 08:30 AM - Mar 05 2015 05:00 PM | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

ASME B16 Code Committees
Mar 23 2015 08:00 AM - Mar 26 2015 05:00 PM | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

ASME Subgroup on High Pressure Vessels (SC VIII Div 3)
Apr 07 2015 - Apr 08 2015 | Stockholm, Sweden

See full meeting calendar

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