Press Releases

The Society's press releases range as widely as engineering itself. Here you'll find releases from August 2010 to today: another window into how ASME delivers on our global mission to improve the quality of life

March 2017

Siemens partners with ASME to empower the next generation of digital engineering talent

February 2017

Liaison International, ASME and ASABE Collaborate to Streamline Graduate Admissions for Engineering Programs

First Global Competition for Hardware-Led Social Innovation Issues Call for Entries

December 2016

Marketing Executive Jeff Patterson Promoted To Chief Operating Officer At ASME

September 2016

Liverpool & Manchester Railway Named International Historic Civil and Mechanical Engineering Landmark

August 2016

Worthington Steam Pumps Named Historic Engineering Landmark

Dr. Dean L. Bartles To Work As Consultant At The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers, ASME

ASME Journal to Receive Impact Factor

May 2016

ASME Presents Ten Awards for Achievement in Petroleum Engineering

3D Systems’ First 3D Printer named Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark
by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME

March 2016

ASME Announces Staff Appointments

February 2016

Pratt & Whitney's First Engine Named Historic Engineering Landmark

ASME Announces Launch of New Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

January 2016

ASME Launches New Journal With Focus On Clean Energy

November 2015

Alice M. Agogino Honored by ASME for Furthering Engineering Design Education

October 2015

Aiche Joins Asme And Other Engineering Societies In Giving Tuesday Challenge On Dec. 1, 2015

Wiley and ASME Announce Co-Branding Agreement

August 2015

Giessbachbahn funicular named mechanical engineering

Julio C. Guerrero named President of ASME

June 2015

Engineering Foundation Gets New Leadership

May 2015

Engineers from New York City are Winners in Social Innovation Competition

Engineers from Baltimore Winners in Social Innovation Competition

Engineers from Boston Area are Winners in Social Innovation Competition

ASME Presents Seven Awards for Achievement in Petroleum Engineering

April 2015

Using Nano Science To Understand Cancer

The oldest railroad snow plow in the U.S. earns landmark status

March 2015

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers' (asme) Relocation To Overlook Corporate Center Engine

Connecticut's Brightest Engineers Shine at 29th Annual Awards Even

June 2014

J. Robert Sims, Jr. Begins Term As President of ASME The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

May 2014

ASME Presents Seven Awards for Achievement in Petroleum Engineering

March 2014

ASME to Name the THRUSTSSC a Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark

February 2014

Engineers Now Have Their Own Specialized Social Media Platform

January 2014

Engineering - A Career that Pays

Looking at Cancer in a New Way

November 2013

Arun Majumdar Receives Prestigious Award From ASME

Engineers Focus On The Importance Of STEM Education & 3D Printing In San Diego

September 2013

"Fuel Cells: Putting Hydrogen on the Highway" Webinar to be Held in the ASME Energy Forum

Iconic Apollo Spacesuit Honored As One Of History's Greatest Engineering Achievements

Batavia's World-famous Windmills Will Join Eiffel Tower In Pantheon Of World's Engineering Landmarks

August 2013

Expand Your Skillset! Why – and How

July 2013

"Wind Turbines Reach for the Sky": Webinar on Wind Power in the ASME Energy Forum

June 2013

Student Team from University of Michigan Wins First Place at 2013 IShow

Madiha El Mehelmy Kotb Begins Term as ASME President

G. Wayne Clough of the Smithsonian Honored by ASME

College Students Vie for Tech Breakthrough Glory

Mahantesh Hiremath of San Ramon Named ASME Federal Government Fellow

May 2013

ASME Presents Seven Awards for Achievement in Petroleum-Related Mechanical Engineering

A Basketball Shot Coach That Does Not Require a Coach

"Turning Trash into Renewable Energy Treasure": Webinar on Waste-to-Energy in the ASME Energy Forum

ASME to Present Seven Awards for Achievement in Gas Turbine Field

Larry Richardson of ReEnergy Holdings Is Honored

ASME to Present Code Training Courses on Pressure Vessels, Process Piping, and Welding

Two Professional Engineering Organizations Join the "Licensing That Works" Coalition

April 2013

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander Receives ASME President's Award

Speedy Super Bikes to Compete at ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

Top Student Inventors Bring Innovation to Indy

Engineering Student Embraces Opportunities to Improve Lives Across Borders

Speedy Super Bikes to Compete

March 2013

"Catching The Sun": Webinar On Concentrated Solar Power In The ASME Energy Forum

ASME To Hold Symposium on Verification and Validation Methodologies

ASME Digital Collection Launches On Powerful New Publishing Platform With Silverchair

February 2013

ASME to Hold Gas Turbine Training Week

Human Powered Vehicles to Compete in ASME Event at The Universidad Simon Bolivar

Anita Rebarchak of Pratt & Whitney Named ASME New Face of Engineering

Hydrokinetics Webinar Kicks Off the New ASME Energy Forum

Louis Bialy to Lead Training on ASME A.17.7 / B44.7

Mohinder Nayyar to Lead Training Program on ASME B31.1

January 2013

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Turbo Expo 2013 to be Held in San Antonio, Texas

December 2012

Conference to Explore Nanoengineering for Medicine and Biology

Lu Yansun, Leader in Engineering and Machinery, Receives The ASME President's Award

November 2012

Anita Rebarchak Named Recipient of the ASME Old Guard Early Career Award

NY Times' Friedman: Engineers Will Play "Important Role" in a "Hyper-Connected World"

Winners of 2012 ASME Student Design Competition Announced

A Competition Challenges Engineering Students to Design Devices That Use Alternative Energy

October 2012

Humans Flying to Faraway Asteroids: Johnson Space Center Preparing for a New Era in Space Travel

Survey: Sustainable Design Practices Becoming a Priority Among Engineers

Top Executives at ASME Are Inducted Into The Pan American Academy of Engineers

September 2012

Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times Columnist, To Keynote The 2012 American Society Of Mechanical Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Congress In Houston

August 2012

Braden Hancock – The Recipient of the ASME Kenneth Andrew Roe Scholarship

ASME Releases Study on the Future of the Mechanical Engineering Profession

The 2012 ASME Congress to Spotlight Engineering Innovation

John Celli of Space Systems/Loral Named to ASME Industry Advisory Board

July 2012

Student Design Competition for Concept Jet Fighters to be Held in Atlanta

A New ASME Award to Recognize Early Career Engineers Demonstrating Achievement in Turbomachinery

Salaries for Engineers on the Rise

ASME Selected a Winner in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards

June 2012

ASME Past President Victoria Rockwell Featured in STEM Publication

ASME Names Nominees for its Board of Governors for 2013

ASME to Hold a Workshop For the Nuclear Power Industry on Seismic Hazard Design

Lessons Learned in the Aftermath of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Accident

Marc Goldsmith Begins Term as ASME President

May 2012

ASME to Co-Chair of STEM Solutions 2012 Leadership Summit

ASME 2012 Gas Turbine India Conference to be Held in Mumbai, India

April 2012

Miller Motorsport Park to be Site of the 2012 ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge-West

Grove City College to Host 2012 ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge-East

March 2012

ASME to Honor a Unique Collection of Machines at the American Textile History Museum

ASME Announces I-Show Semi-Finalists Set to Compete in Montreal

ASME Task Force Promotes Global Nuclear Safety

ASME to Hold 2012 Human Powered Vehicle Challenge in Pennsylvania and Utah

Sessions at ASME Turbo Expo 2012 to Examine Alternative Fuels in Gas Turbines

February 2012

ASME To Recognize The First Floating Offshore Oil Drilling Rig

Engineers Week 2012 Names Outstanding STEM Teachers at the Inaugural DiscoverE Awards Program

Karen Law of TIAX LLC Named ASME New Face of Engineering

ASME to Co-Host Inaugural DiscoverE Summit to Celebrate Excellence in Stem Education

ASME to Offer Teachers Ways to Bring Engineering Into the Classroom

ASME to Support Discover Engineering Family Day

New Global Marathon Initiative Aims to Support Women in Engineering

ASME to Hold Symposium on Verification and Validation Methodologies

January 2012

ASME to Offer Houston-Area Teachers Ways to Bring Engineering into the Classroom

ASME Turbo Expo 2012 to Offer Workshops on Turbine Design and Efficiency

Inaugural Carbon Management Conference Focuses On Reduction, Adaptation

December 2011

ASME Announces Keynote Speakers For Turbo Expo 2012

ASME Honors Professor Amir Faghri of the University of Connecticut

White House Names Karen Thole Among Champions of Change for Girls and Women in STEM

ASME Applauds Congressional Support for Science and Engineering Research

ASME Petroleum Division Announces Six Industry Awards

ASME Chooses Silverchair Platform For The ASME Digital Library

November 2011

The College of New Jersey Wins First Place in the 2011 ASME Student Design Competition

Marc Goldsmith Named President-Elect of ASME

ASME Federal Government Fellowships Begin Terms in Washington D.C.

October 2011

ASME Renews Agreement with the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering

ASME Honors Assembly Pays Tribute to Eleven Individuals for Engineering Achievement

The 2011 ASME Congress Keynote Event to Explore The Energy-Water Nexus

Charles Thorpe Has Been Appointed as an ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow

September 2011

Daniel N. Wolff Honored by ASME For His Contributions to Safety Codes and Standards

ASME To Hold Symposium on Small Modular Reactors for the Nuclear Power Industry

Engineering Students To Demonstrate Devices That Convert Rainwater To Energy

ASME To Recognize Early Typewriter For Historical Significance

ASME Gas Turbine Institute To Offer Webinars On Renewable Energy And Engineering Ethics

ASME International Gas Turbine Institute To Offer Training Workshops

ASME Turbo Expo 2012 To Be Held In Copenhagen, Denmark

ASME Student Members Complete WISE Internship Program

August 2011

New Book On Energy And Power Generation Available From ASME

June 2011

Victoria Rockwell Becomes The 130th President Of ASME

Johns Hopkins University Places First In Annual ASME Innovation Showcase

ASME's 2011 Innovation Showcase Celebrates Student Invention and Entrepreneurial Spirit

May 2011

Engineers at Turbo Expo to Examine the Effects of Volcanic Ash on Jet Engines

ASME-IPTI Presents Nine Awards at 2011 Offshore Technology Conference

ASME Introduces Safety Standards for Railcar Bodies

ASME Recognizes Two Municipal Solid Waste Facilities For Performance Excellence

Montana State University to Host ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge-West

April 2011

ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge to Be Held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

March 2011

Solutions to Energy and Water Scarcity to Be the Focus of the 2011 ASME Congress

ASME The Fresno Scraper to Be Recognized as a Mechanical Engineering Landmark

ASME Railroad Facility in North Carolina to Receive an Honor From ASME

ASME International Gas Turbine Institute Announces Scholarship Program

February 2011

Piyush Sabharwall Honored in New Faces of Engineering Program

Six Workshops at ASME Turbo Expo 2011 to Provide Hands-On Training

ASME International Gas Turbine Institute Forms a Wind Energy Committee

January 2011

ASME Establishes a Partnership With Engineering Organization in Peru

ASME Applauds President's Call for Commitment To Education and Innovation

ASME International Gas Turbine Institute to Hold Training Program for Engineers

Keynote Speakers for ASME Turbo Expo 2011 Are Announced

December 2010

ASME Announces Newly-Elected Officers for Fiscal Year 2012

ASME Hails Passage of the Reauthorization of America COMPETES Act

November 2010

ASME Establishes a Partnerships With the China State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation

Oregon State University Wins First Place in the 2010 ASME Student Design Competition

October 2010

ASME Establishes New Partnerships in China

ASME Presents the Global Pipeline Award to Technip

ASME to Honor Ten Individuals for Engineering Achievement

ASME Turbo Expo 2011 to Be Held in Vancouver, Canada

Energy the Focus of Keynote Panel at the 2010 ASME International Mechanical Engineering

September 2010

ASME Announces Finalists for Annual Student Design Competition

ASME Urges Support of Technology Programs That Spur Growth of Small Businesses

Gas Turbine Users Symposium to Be Held in Houston

August 2010

ASME Announces Symposium on Use of Elevators in Emergencies in High-Rise Buildings

ASME Conference to Explore Technical Advances in Biomedical Devices

ASME-ITI Issues Risk Analysis Standard for Natural and Man-Made Hazards to Higher Education

Technology Companies to Participate in Automotive Business Forum

Clean Energy to Be a Focus of the 2010 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress