ASCE-ASME Journal Seeking Papers for Special Issue on the Resilience of Engineering Systems

Nov. 9, 2018


The guest editors of an upcoming special issue of the ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering are currently accepting manuscripts focusing on topics related to the resilience of engineering systems. Authors who are interested in contributing a paper for the issue, which is expected to be published in 2020, should submit their papers electronically via ASME Journals Connect by Dec. 31, 2018.

Modern life has become increasingly dependent on many large, complex engineering systems, including tunnels, gas and oil pipelines, and geotechnical infrastructure. Because they are the foundation of today’s society, these complex real-world systems should not only be reliable, but also highly resilient. The rapid growth in the scale, complexity and interconnection of real-world systems and their environment is associated with a significant rise in uncertainties and risks resulting from the growing gap between current model capabilities and demands to capture new phenomena. Deficiencies of current models have the potential to lead to catastrophic risk and dramatic consequences through cascading failures in complex systems.

Analyzing and modeling the resilience of these complex and large-scale engineering systems in the real world has recently attracted significant interest from members of both academia and industry, who have recognized such comprehensive development requires innovative theories, approaches and technologies for resilience assessment and design risk reduction for complex systems and networks at systems scale.

The “Special Issue on Resilience of Engineering Systems (SI033B),” which will include contributions from both industry and academia, is intended to present the most recent advances in the field of theories and concepts for resilience assessment of engineering systems. The guest editors for the issue are seeking papers addressing areas including the general conception of engineering systems resilience, resilience assessment approaches, system and network models compatible to resilience analysis, approaches to capture uncertainties and indeterminacy in resilience assessment, uniform standards to define system resilience, resilient system design and maintenance strategies, and risk and resilience analysis on practical systems.

The guest editors for this special issue are Dr. Geng Feng, University of Central Lancashire (UK); Prof. Michael Beer, Leibniz University Hannover (Germany), University of Liverpool (UK) and Tongji University (China); Prof. Frank P.A. Coolen, Durham University (UK); Prof. Bilal M. Ayyub, University of Maryland (US); and Prof. Kok Kwang Phoon, National University of Singapore (Singapore).

Papers can be submitted to the online peer review system for Part B. Mechanical Engineering by visiting the Journals Connect web page at and selecting “Special Issue SI033B” during the submission process.

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