Innovative Research Award

ASME Unit:   Tribology Division (TRIB)
Date Established:   1997
Achievement:   Innovative research in Tribology
Limitations:   None
Nomination Deadline:   7/15
Form of Award:   Certificate
Frequency of Award:   Biannual
Administrative:   Tribology Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Research Committee on Tribology
Selecting Process:   Nominations from committees of the Tribology Division. For information on nominations, visit the ASME Unit Award Nominations Page.
Funding:   Tribology Division Custodian Account
Date Created:   1/9/2001
Date Modified:   10/24/2012
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Winners of the Innovative Research Award

Pradeep Rohatgi
Michael Bryant
John Tichy
Leon Keer
Yip-Wah Chung
Izhak Etsion
Daejon Kim
James Lauer
Jean-Marie Georges
Ali Erdemir
Yeau-Ren Jeng