Eugene W. Jacobson Award

ASME Unit:   Petroleum Division
Date Established:   1976
Achievement:   The most original, timely and highest quality technical paper written for and presented at a Petroleum Division sponsored conference during the previous year.
Nomination Deadline:   5/1
Form of Award:   Plaque
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Petroleum Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Petroleum Division Executive Committee
Selecting Process:   The Honors and Awards Committee reviews nominations from the Conference Session, the Vice Chair and those received from an open nomination, and tabulates the results. The Executive Committee votes by ballot.
Funding:   Petroleum Division
Date Created:   11/8/2000
Date Modified:   3/15/2012
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Winners of the Eugene W. Jacobson Award

1995 - G. Clydsdale
1995 - E. Lammine
1995 - A. Leseultre
1996 - Hughes Christensen
1996 - Matthew R. Isbell
1996 - John V. Kenner
1997 - Rudolph Bond
1997 - Gary Galle
1998 - Gene Kouba
1998 - Ram Mohan
1998 - Ovadia Shaham
1998 - Shoubo Wang
1999 - Dale Doty
1999 - Jarl Oyestein
1999 - Zelimir Schmidt
1999 - Cem Sarica