Arnold Stucki Award

ASME Unit:   Rail Transportation Division (RTD)
Date Established:   1980
Achievement:   In recognition of eminent achievement by a member of the Rail Transportation Division in advancing the science of mechanical engineering in the field of Rail Transportation. Eminent achievement is defined as a reduction to practice of new or improved eq
Limitations:   Must be a member of the Rail Transportation Division. Awards may be bestowed posthumously.
Nomination Deadline:    
Form of Award:   Engrossed certificate and a citation
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Rail Transportation Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Honors and Awards Committee with approval of Executive Committee
Selecting Process:   Nomination by members of the Rail Transportation Division
Funding:   Funding by A. Stucki Company in memory of its founder, Arnold Stucki.
Date Created:   10/21/2000
Date Modified:   1/6/2010
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Winners of the Arnold Stucki Award

1980 - Oscar Horger
1981 - Carl E. Tack
1982 - William Vander Sluys
1984 - Kenneth A. Browne
1985 - Norman E. Bateson
1986 - Gus Holabeck
1987 - William H. Peterson
1988 - David G. Blaine
1989 - Donald Wiebe
1990 - William P. Manos
1991 - William Thomford
1992 - Harold List
1993 - John Angold
1994 - Bob Radford
1995 - Terrey Hawthorne
1998 - Gerald J. Moyar
1999 - Leonard McLean
2002 - Jim Wright
2003 - Sam Williams