The Mayo D. Hersey Award is bestowed on an individual in recognition of distinguished and continued contributions over a substantial period of time to the advancement of the science and engineering of tribology. Distinguished contributions may result from significant original research in one or more of the many scientific disciplines related to lubrication, from excellence and creativity in lubrication engineering practice, or from sustained and forthright efforts and dissemination of information on the theory and practice of lubrication.

To recognize the splendid leadership in lubrication science and engineering of Mayo D. Hersey, this award was established in 1965 by the joint bequest of the ASME Lubrication Division (now Tribology Division) and the ASME Research Committee on Lubrication (now Research Committee on Tribology).

Form of Award:$2000 and Plaque
Administrative Responsibility:Tribology Division
Nomination Deadline:February 1
Nomination Sent To:Mayo D. Hersey Award Committee Chair
Special Award Committee Chair:A.A. Polycarpou
Phone Number:979-845-5337
Awarded By:Committee on Honors (COH)



1965Mayo D. Hersey 1985 Ernest Rabinowicz 2005 Andrew Jackson
1966Harmen Blok 1986 Ward O. Winer 2006 Koji Kato
1967Milton C. Shaw 1987 Marshall B. Peterson 2007 Hooshang Heshmat
1968Ragnar Holm 1988 Donald G. Flom2008 Leon M. Keer
1969William A. Zisman 1989 John F. Archard 2009 Richard F. Salant
1970Merrell R. Fenske 1990 Herbert S. Cheng 2010Frank E. Talke
1971Dudley D. Fuller 1991 Kenneth L. Johnson 2011Farshid Sadeghi
1972Sydney J. Needs 1992 Maurice Godet 2012Francis E. Kennedy, Jr.
1973Donald F. Wilcock 1993 Alistair Cameron 2013Michael M. Khonsari
1974David Tabor 1994 Harold G. Elrod, Jr.
1975Arthur F. Underwood 1995 Kenneth C. Ludema
1976John Boyd 1996 James A. Greenwood
1977Robert L. Johnson1997Albert A. Raimondi
1978Edward A. Saibel 1998Jean Marie Georges
1979Duncan Dowson 1999David B. Bogy
1980Nicolae Tipei 2000Bernard J. Hamrock
1981Edmond E. Bisson 2001Said Jahanmir
1982E. Erwin Klaus2002Michael N. Gardos
1983Donald F. Hays 2003Jean B.M. Frene
1984Frederick F. Ling 2004Hugh A. Spikes