Federal Fellows


Meet the 2018-2019 ASME Federal Fellows!

Dr. Laurel Kuxhaus
2019 ASME Federal Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Government Relations/ASME Bioengineering Division/ASME Foundation


Dr. Laurel Kuxhaus began her federal fellowship on October 2, 2018 with the Honorable Daniel Lipinski. She has been a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering at Clarkson University since 2009, and she is currently on sabbatical as an Associate Professor. Her research expertise is in the arena of orthopaedic biomechanics with over 20 peer-reviewed publications and a consistent track record of engagement with the bioengineering community at national and international conferences. The work performed in her laboratory is primarily focused on the study of injury biomechanics (such as meniscal tears or vertebral fractures), and the design of both orthopaedic and assistive technology devices. As a teacher-scholar, she also works to improve biomechanics education with innovative active learning techniques, blending research into the college classroom. Within the Bioengineering Division of ASME, Dr. Kuxhaus has served as Chair of the Education Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee. She is a Fellow of ASME, and holds a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics and a B.A. in Music from Michigan State University, a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mr. Marc Santos
2019 ASME Federal Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Government Relations/ASME Petroleum Division/ASME Foundation


Mr. Marc Santos is an Associate at Hazen and Sawyer serving as the Southwest Water Practice Lead, Corpus Christi Operations Manager, and subject matter expert in emergency preparedness and response. His work focuses on research, planning, design, construction, and operations solutions for drinking water and wastewater treatment and transmission systems. Mr. Santos is a licensed professional Engineer in California and Texas and serves as the Engineer of Record to deliver projects for municipal clients. Marc Santos previously served as the 2008 ASME Washington Internship for Students of Engineering (WISE) Intern, WISE Subcommittee Chair on the ASME Committee on Government Relations, and as an Executive Committee member for the ASME Volunteer Orientation and Leadership Training (VOLT) Academy. Mr. Santos holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College.

KC Morris
2018-2019 ASME Congressional Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Government Relations and ASME Foundation


KC Morris is a 2018-2019 ASME Congressional Fellow and serving in the office of the Honorable Tom Reed, and she will begin her fellowship on Oct 1, 2018. KC leads the Information, Modeling and Testing Group in the Engineering Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For 30 years KC has contributed her expertise in computing and engineering information systems to the standards that form the basis for today's digital manufacturing capabilities. Her current work focuses on infusing smart technologies into the manufacturing sector while ensuring that new practices lead to more competitive and sustainable manufacturing. This includes identifying and developing techniques for designing, testing, and evaluating smart manufacturing systems and standards. The research has resulted in new standards within ASTM International where she serves on the executive committee of E60 Committee on Sustainability and is vice-chair of ASTM E60.13 on Sustainable Manufacturing. The standards are also driving new research directions for defining reusable abstractions of manufacturing processes highlighted through a competition at the MSEC/NAMRC conferences--ASME's Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC) and SME's North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC). KC has over 75 publications and graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in Political Science and from Illinois Institute of Technology with an MS in Computer Science.

Hong Liang
Dr. Hong Liang
2018-2019 ASME Foundation Fellow
Sponsored by: ANPO


Dr. Hong Liang is a 2018-2019 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow serving at Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology located at Gaithersburg, Maryland. Dr. Liang will begin her fellowship on Dec. 1, 2018. Dr. Liang is Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Her research areas are advanced materials, structures, and nanomanufacturing focusing on surface science, interface engineering, and tribology. Her services to the communities include being an editor of Tribology International; regional editor (North America) of Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties; associate editor of Friction; and member of editorial broad of a few others. She served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) from 2007 to 2013. In 2007, she was the STLE Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) chair after being an AMPC committee member for 9 years. Dr. Liang is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and a Fellow of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). Dr. Liang received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Meet 2017-2018 Fellows!


2017-2018 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellows: Manufacturing USA

Dr. Yuebin Guo
2017-2018 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow
Sponsored by: AMNPO


Dr. Yuebin Guo is a 2018-2019 ASME Foundation Swanson Fellow serving at Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office hosted by NIST at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. Dr. Guo will begin his fellowship on Dec. 1, 2017.

Dr. Guo’s recently served as a Professor and Director of the Consortium of Surface Integrity & Functionality at the University of Alabama’s Department of Mechanical Engineer. Prior to this he spent a year as a Humboldt Visiting Professor (Senior Humboldt Fellow) at the WZL - Lab. of Machine Tools and Production Engineering Fraunhofer IPT (Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology) RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

His areas of research include integrated computational, manufacturing & materials engineering, laser additive manufacturing, precision machining, and hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing.

Dr. Guo has a Ph.D. from Purdue University with a focus on manufacturing, materials, and mechanics and his M. Eng. from the University of California, Berkeley. M.S. from Tsinghua University, China and his B.S. from Shandong University of Technology, China.

Dr. Urmila Ghia
2018 ASME Congressional Fellow
Sponsored by: ASME Government Relations, the ASME Petroleum Division and the ASME Foundation


Dr. Urmila Ghia is a 2018 ASME Congressional Fellow, with a focus on energy and STEM education policy. She began serving in the office of Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) in January 2018. She has served on the Engineering faculty of the University of Cincinnati (UC) since 1972, in various capacities including Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and Department Head for Mechanical, Industrial and Nuclear Engineering. Her research interests are in energy applications of fluid dynamics, with over 200 publications. For ASME, Urmila has served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Fluids Engineering, chaired the Fluids Engineering Division and the Congress Steering Committee, and currently serves on the Codes and Standards Committee PTC61.  She has received YWCA’s Career Woman of Achievement Award, the University’s Award for Distinguished Scientific Research, Outstanding Faculty-Student Relations, and the Faculty Career Award.  She chairs the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Program at UC.  A highlight activity of WISE is the Research Experience for Women Undergraduates (REWU) Program. She is a Fellow of ASME and AIAA, and a Distinguished Alumna of the Illinois Institute of Technology. Urmila received her Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dr. Shawn Moylan
2018 ASME Congressional Government Fellow
Sponsored by: NIST/ASME Government Relations

Dr. Shawn Moylan is a 2017-2018 ASME Congressional Fellow and serving in the office of the Honorable Gary Peters.  He is a mechanical engineer with experience in advanced manufacturing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Shawn has policy experience in the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office and technical experience as project leader for multiple additive manufacturing and smart machine tool projects in NIST’s Engineering Laboratory.  His research has focused on developing test methods and reference data to reduce the high costs associated with qualifying machines and components for aerospace, medical, and other applications. Shawn is a leader in the advanced manufacturing community: currently Chair, Executive Committee for ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division; Co-chair, Technology Roadmap Advisory Group for America Makes — the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute; Vice-Chair, subcommittee on Test Methods in ASTM International Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies.