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PD432 - Turbo-Machinery Dynamics: Design and Operation

PD432 - Turbo-Machinery Dynamics: Design and Operation

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Las Vegas, NV, USA
Sep 24, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018




Length: 5 days    CEUs: 3.80    PDHs: 38.00

This fully revamped course provides the latest developments in aviation engines, power generation steam and gas turbines, aero-derivative engines for offshore marine applications, hydro-electric and wind turbines. Three-dimensional airfoil designs achieve higher efficiency and greater air compressibility, elevated firing temperature in combustor increases power produced, and new materials technology provides improved resistance to fatigue failures from dynamic loads. Superior performance is the order of the day to meet the challenges of ever-increasing demands.

The course focuses on:
 - Fuel consumption, power output, and exhaust gas emissions
 - Structural integrity and component life evaluation
 - Dominant source and techniques to dampen vibrations in helicopter and wind turbine blades
 - Failures arising from cyclical loads and thermal distortion
 - Cooling techniques and isolation of hot path components from elevated temperatures
 - Super alloy, ceramic and composite material requirements
 - Creative engineering solutions to protect environment and marine life habitat

Participants should bring a laptop to the course.

You Will Learn To:
 - Explain the basic working principles of various turbo-machines
 - Recognize design and operational features, and their interaction with each other
 - Identify new materials technology to improve durability, reduce weight and increase load- carrying capacity
 - Develop in-depth methods to maximize performance and meet exacting requirements
 - Explain application of methods to achieve stricter restrictions on environmental pollutants
 - Analyze technological solutions to optimize operation and achieve, oftentimes, conflicting goals

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Who Should Attend
Design and development engineers, plant engineers, field service engineers and technical managers with product and/or project responsibility will benefit from this course. Individuals familiar with calculus and personal computers, and those with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience will have sufficient background for this course.

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  • Course Type: Public Course
  • Course Number: PD432
  • Language: English
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A. S. Rangwala, P. E. received a Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia, and earned his Master's of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Cincinnati. He has worked for thirty-five years in the field of mechanical design and structural dynamics of compressors and gas turbines as applicable to aircraft engines, and steam and gas turbines for power plant applications. Mr. Rangwala is the author of the book “Turbo-Machinery Dynamics: Design and Operation," and has conducted 25 short courses and seminars. He has worked at General Electric Company’s Aircraft Engines Group in Cincinnati, OH and Lynn, Mass., and at Large Steam Turbines Department, Schenectady, NY. He has also worked at SCECO in Saudi Arabia and at Siemens-Westinghouse in Orlando, FL. He has also been an adjunct professor at Cincinnati State Technical College. Presently, he is the Technical Director of Machinery Dynamics Group of the Center for Engineering Technology, Orlando, FL.
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