Hyatt Regency, TELUS Conference Center, Calgary, AB, Canada

September 24-28, 2018

About - Young Pipeliners


About - Young Pipeliners

Young Pipeliners International

The Young Pipeliners International (YPI) is an association of current and aspiring young professionals working in the pipeline industry. Their vision is to be the recognized energy pipeline forum dedicated to the career development of young professionals, in order to ensure a sustainable future of the industry. YPI will strive to achieve this vision by being the prime conduit for formal and informal training, mentorship and networking.

Young Pipeliners International is currently comprised of four (4) regional entities:

Canada: YPAC – Young Pipeliners Association of Canada

USA: YPP USA – Young Pipeline Professionals USA

Australia and New Zealand: YPF – Young Pipeliners Forum

Brazil: YPP Brazil – Young Pipeline Professionals