Forging a New Nuclear Safety Construct

ASME Presidential Task Force on Response to Japan Nuclear Power Plant Events

In light of the recent nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, ASME has examined the safety consequences towards a "new nuclear safety construct." It formed a Presidential Task Force on a "Response to Japan Nuclear Power Plant Events," plus a Task Group for a "Design Basis and Response to Severe Accidents." These two teams both represent a balance of interests drawn from among nuclear industry leaders, regulators and technical experts best positioned to evaluate lessons learned and not learned from over 50 years of power-reactor operations, and to make industry recommendations.

This new nuclear safety construct seeks to better serve society and provide a platform for enhancing nuclear power plants worldwide.

Based on a review of the disaster in Japan - including an assessment of causes, consequences and socio-political and economic impact - the ASME Presidential Task Force presented preliminary recommendations, at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Information Conference (RIC), for structuring a nuclear safety construct that serves global society.

Read the comprehensive report summarizing the findings and recommendations of the Task Force.


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