Making the Most of the Community


First, thank you for becoming part of the Community. The Community benefits from having you as a Participant; now’s the time for you to start taking advantage of the benefits participation brings to you. Why wait?

Let’s begin at the beginning by stating the obvious. You’re an engineer. What that says about you is that you didn’t just want a job—you wanted a career, with all that implies in the way of knowledge, continuous growth, service, and—yes—respect.

Underscoring your commitment to an engineering career, you joined the Community. By joining, you immediately became an important part of a network of over 50,000 fellow Participants: people you will come to know as colleagues, mentors, mentees, thought leaders, industry innovators, or all of these. And let’s not overlook friends; many lasting friendships have had their beginnings within the community of ASME, and will continue to thrive on the Community.

What you have a click away, then, is a powerful resource, ready to be tapped, that dovetails with your own knowledge, your own career goals.

So, first came the choice of an engineering career. Then, participation in the Community. The logical third step in your career path is to start using this ready resource.

How, exactly, do you use it? We’ll be sending you tips on that subject in the months to come. First installment: networking.

Learn how to grow your network on the Community.

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December 2014

by Charles Marshall